Imagining Creates Reality



by Louise Cowley

‘I daresay that everyone here would say, ‘Yes,’ to the statement of Scripture:

‘With God, all things are possible.’ (Mark 10:27)

‘I don’t think you’d be here if you did not believe in God, and the God to whom all things are possible. But maybe we stop right there, and we separate man from God, and my purpose is to show you that we are not two, that we are One – that God actually became man, that man may become God.’

– Neville Goddard – excerpt from ‘Live in the End’ (19 July 1968)


Neville Goddard opened one of his most profound lectures with these words and spent the best part of his life explaining that we have all the power we need to create our desires if we will only have faith in the imagination which is God himself.

He believed that we can be anything we want to be, if we understand that there are only states of being in this world which can be entered by imagining how the new state would feel.

It is through feeling that we manifest our desires and if we are able to imagine how it would feel if we were to realize our dream and we dwell in this feeling regularly, it will eventually come to pass. Here are some practical instructions on how to begin:

  1. Turn within

It is not necessary to close your eyes but it helps by shutting out the senses and removing attention away from the physical reality of the material world.

You can do this anywhere you are able to relax and turn inwards but it is always good to do this in a relaxed state, especially before falling asleep.

  1. Feel I AM

Remove attention away from any current problems and limitations by resting in the feeling of simply being. Focus on the words, I AM, spoken quietly to yourself or within until you feel you are resting in the present moment. Relax into that state of peace.

If your mind struggles against this and keeps moving between different thoughts, patiently guide it back to present moment awareness, as you would patiently guide a young child.

You must learn to separate your identity from being the mind to being the master of the mind.

  1. Define your desire

Name your aim. Clearly define your desire and then tell yourself with conviction that you are what you want to be using the words, ‘I AM’.

You must know exactly what you want and develop an unshakeable belief in your dream and your ability to succeed.

Now you have taken your attention away from any problems or distractions, completely place your mind on the desired state.

  1. Move from thinking of to thinking from


When you know what you want, you are thinking of it. That is not enough. You must now begin to think FROM it. The spanning of the bridge between ‘desire’- thinking of- and ‘satisfaction’- thinking from- is all-important. You need to move mentally from thinking of the end result, to thinking from the end result.

For example, move from, ‘I want a successful business,’ to ‘I AM a successful businessman/woman’. Feel what that would be like and imagine seeing your world from the new concept.

  1. Visualize


Mentally construct a scene which implies that your desire is realized and in a relaxed state,

or as you are falling asleep, consciously imagine yourself into the scene.

Make as vivid a representation as possible of what you would see, and what you would touch, and what you would do, if you were physically present and physically moving in such a state.

Begin by asking yourself:

What would I do? What would I say? What would I see? How would I act?

Then in your imagination you will begin to use your senses as though you were actually participating in the scene in reality rather than as an onlooker.

You are the eyes seeing everything unfold around you as in life.

Mentally feel yourself right into the proposed action until the single sensation of fulfilment dominates the mind.

  1. Give thanks

When you merge yourself in the feeling of achieving your dream, you should feel a sense of fulfilment and gratitude to the power within you for bringing this into your life.

Thank God with joy that he has given you your heart’s desire. This can be with words or silently, from within.

  1. Feed the mind

Speak as though you are already that which you want to be, using I AM. I AM successful, I AM happy, I AM healthy… Feed the mind with the new concept of self until you have the sense that you are already that person who now exists somewhere in the future.

  1. Live in the end

When you imagine your dream, a particular feeling arises. During the day, carry that feeling around with you as though it were a fragrance you were wearing and believe that your imaginal act is a fact.

You must assume the nature of the thing desired if you would make it appear and live in your world. Do this by feeling the qualities you would possess, if it were true.

The formless being within you will begin to take upon itself the forms of the things felt. If you rest in the stillness of the conviction that you are what you desire to be, these qualities will, at some point in the future, become living realities.

We should not look back in consciousness to our problems but continue in faith- believing ourselves to be successful in accomplishing our goals. This is true freedom.

Truth depends upon the intensity of the imagination.

A series of events will mold themselves, across which you will walk, leading up to the fulfillment of the state you wish for.

Taken from Imagining creates reality by Louise Cowley, available on Amazon.

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