I Am With You

A poem written by author, writer and poet Gavin Whyte from the perspective of someone who has recently passed away.



I was with you when you received the news,

I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye.

It happened so fast,

So my pain didn’t last,

It was over in the blink of an eye.

I know you’re angry with me for leaving,

That all this wasn’t part of our plan;

It’s the way the wind blows,

That God only knows.

You think you can’t cope, but you can.

I’ll stay around for as long as you need me,

Though, no doubt, you’ll still feel alone.

I’ll join you when you walk,

And listen to you talk,

And encourage you to pick up the phone.

Don’t feel bad for pushing people away,

But try and have patience, my dear;

It’s everyone’s test,

They’re trying their best,

It’s your pain that they don’t know they fear.

Every day is an opportunity,

Trust me, it will get easier in good time,

I know it’s cliche.

Love, I want to say,

I love you, and you’ll always be mine.

But when you’re ready, you’ll fall in love again,

And this doesn’t mean we’ll part;

For there I’ll be,

For all to see,

In the love you contain in your heart.

Now, don’t consider this to be a farewell,

There’s honestly no place for me to go.

I’ll always be here,

There’s nothing to fear,

I just really wanted to let you know.


About: Gavin Whyte is the author of various works of fiction, including The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair and Happiness & Honey.  He has also written for several magazines and blogs, including Kindred Spirit, Watkins Mind Body Spirit and Wake Up World.  He currently lives in Taiwan with his wife.

The original poem can be found on Gavin’s website blog.

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