How To Trust Your Intuition When Things Feel Tough


by Jolene Setterfield

It’s super easy to let our ego drag us down when we are reading about current events within our world, especially as we may not be able to do much about them within that moment, so of course it can create a feeling of restlessness and anxiety perhaps. I would love for you to connect back to your divine beautiful spirit which is always within you, and it has never left you (nor can it), regardless of what may be going on within our world. You have this divine inner voice (your intuition) which is always speaking to you. The problem is whether you are taking the time to listen to it or not, and whether it is being drowned out by all of the outer world noise. I know that once we plug into the divine inner voice (our intuition), it will restore us to a sense of calm, and a knowingness that all is well (regardless of outer world commotions). It may have a message for you. In fact, it will probably have a few. If you have been having lots of fear and even painful thoughts come up, then I would suggest blessing them, and thanking them for coming to your attention. When we feel powerless it stops us taking action which we are perhaps being called towards, within our soul and therefore we can end up completely stuck and in fear. This is NOT where we are meant to be, as we are divine souls having a human experience. Usually what can happen is that we can end up feeling powerless and in fear. We know deep down within our truth that we are meant to be free of these feelings, and that we indeed are the change we wish to see in the world. Perhaps you are feeling this calling now more than ever.

Exercises to connect to your intuition

I would suggest doing the following to connect you back to that beautiful divine inner voice again;

  1. Meditation; it Is essential to take time daily to meditate. Even if this is laying on the floor and closing your eyes for 5 minutes whilst you take some deep breaths. It can be very relaxing and empowering. Perhaps say ‘I surrender’ throughout and imagine any icky energy being released and transmuted into a bright white light.
  2. Journal; writing our thoughts down is key. Often, we end up stuck inside of our mind, and our thoughts can rule our day if we are not mindful of the attention we are giving them. Write them down with the intention of clearing your mind in the process. You will feel much lighter and clearer.
  3. Gratitude; it is essential to get into the feelings of gratitude, and often throughout the day. It can and will literally turn your entire day around when you do this. You must feel the gratitude though inside of you. Think about 10 things which happened the previous day which you are genuinely grateful for, and dwell within this gratitude for a while. It will then create more for you to be grateful for. The law of attraction is always in action.
  4. Ask Questions & Listen; For this exercise you will need a pen and paper. You may like to light a candle and create a serene atmosphere for this too. Write down any questions which you would like some divine guidance on.. After you have written your questions, close your eyes and ask for the Divine Holy Light to help answer your questions. You may like to call in your angel guides and spirit guides too. When you feel your mind has quietened down, pick up your pen and paper and start writing whatever comes to mind to each question. Don’t question it at first, just write whatever thought comes through straight away.

Often we can feel afraid, and distrusting when we don’t listen to our intuition, and the world can feel frightening. But when you take that time to connect within, and ask your questions and listen, you will regain that sense of peace and harmony, and you will know exactly what action is required by you. I highly recommend it.

You always have the power over your thoughts, and you can always choose love over fear. Only you have the power to do this.

About the author: Jolene is a third generation International Psychic/Intuitive, Author, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur. She teaches worldwide on being open to using our own intuition.  She is now a regular blogger for the popular global Huffington Post and she is a writer and blogger for the popular UK Soul & Spirit Magazine which now also features Jolene’s own monthly column on building a spiritual business. Jolene has featured on UK’s Sky TV as she was a regular featured guest on Sky Psychic TV Channel 886 during 2011, 2013 & 2014. Find out more at

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