How to Feel Like a Rock Star

how to feel like a rock star


The other day, a friend told me that collaborating with her spirit guides makes her excited to be a human being in a way she’s never felt before. ‘We’re all rock stars’, she said. ‘We’re here to carry out something that’s unique to us’.
And we get to do that hand-in-hand with our unseen helpers.
As we know, there are many reasons to feel otherwise about this human experience. Events in our lives and the world at large can make us feel lonely. Overwhelmed. Disheartened. Discouraged.
So to see the spark in my friend’s eyes when she said we’re rock stars was like an affirmation of all of humankind.
If you’re not feeling that way, here are three things that can help.

  1. Get to know your spirit guides. I mean really know them. Set up a time to talk every day, even if it’s for two minutes. Pay attention to the ways they communicate with you, whether it’s through dreams, gut feelings, nature or thoughts that float in out of nowhere. Build a relationship by consulting with them on small decisions as well as big ones. The more you show up for them, the more you’ll realize they always are there for you.
    If you have trouble discerning whether you’re listening to actual guidance, keep these criteria in mind: True guidance will always speak from kindness and compassion. It won’t encourage you to dislike, disrespect or hate someone, or to carry a grudge or lash out in any way. It may challenge and stretch you, but it won’t direct you to act out of fear. Most of all, it will always be in alignment with divine love.
  2. Ask for your fear-based thoughts to be healed. Our ego thoughts and beliefs keep us stuck in guilt, regret, indecision, jealousy, and a host of other negative emotions.  While we’re always free to choose different thoughts, some of those beliefs need the deep healing that only Spirit can provide. Plus, that healing can change the trajectory of our relationships with little effort on our part.
    For instance, a woman I know—I’ll call her Lisa—was on the phone with her mom. Their relationship had been strained for a long time because her mom was consistently negative. During this conversation, Lisa silently used the prayer, ‘Please heal my fear-based thoughts’. Almost immediately—and without knowing about Lisa’s prayer—her mother shifted to a more positive topic, something she hadn’t done for years.
    That’s the power of changing our thoughts with the help of Spirit. It not only changes us, but it can change and heal the patterns of others around us. See yourself as a powerful co-creator. You came here for a reason, which means you matter. You have value. You’re worthy of having a full and abundant life. Whenever your ego tries to convince you otherwise, remember that you have a purpose, even if you’re not sure what it is. See each day as an adventure of discovery to bring your purpose to light, knowing your spiritual guidance will reveal it to you gradually, as you’re ready, and in ways you never imagined. Think of it this way: If you go into a job interview with your head hung low and no hopes of being good enough for the position, you can imagine what the outcome will be. But if you meet your potential boss with confidence and joy, the outcome will be positive whether you get the job or not. It’s the same dynamic with your guides. They know you’re a rock star. Now it’s time for you to know it, too.

Debra Landwehr Engle is the author of the recently released Let Your Spirit Guides Speak and The Only Little Prayer You Need, which features a foreword by the Dalai Lama. A long-time student of A Course in Miracles, Deb has taught classes in the Course for the past 13 years. In addition, she co-founded a women’s program of spiritual and personal growth that has impacted thousands of women worldwide. Along with spiritual study, Deb’s twin passion is writing, which she shares through her retreats and writing groups for emerging authors. You can follow her blog.

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