How the Elementals help with my Inspiring Feet!

Barefoot Forward!

On the 1st June this year, I ran into the History books by becoming the first person to run across Wales barefoot.  It was an incredible feat (pun intended) only made possible by persuading mind, body and Spirits to collaborate.

I have given a couple of interviews saying the same, and it is interesting to see ‘Spirits’ actually written up as spirit.  I do actually mean Spirits.

I communicate with Spirits of all sorts regularly, especially the Elementals who assist with the geomancy in my work as a landscape gardener.

Some of the most wonderous  and magical things in life are in fact invisible; some things are also beyond words but of course, that doesn’t negate their presence or power.   So I am keen that  the glory of my recent record be shared on a ‘Spirit Level’ .

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