Holding Emotional Pain in the Body

Being in the business of breakthroughs, I have started to see a pattern as I work with people. When one goes in to explore energetic or emotional densities or blocks in the body, as the energy gets unraveled and shifted, the pictures and stories begin to reveal of the events way back in childhood associated with what is being held there. It is in opening these story lines and memories, and diving into them to open the door of pain and let it out, that healing and transformation happens. What is interesting is that there is a consistent pattern of the types of traumas we hold on to in specific parts of the body.

The chakra system is well-documented and there is a lot of information available to understand it more deeply, so I will focus on what I have found to be true within it in relation to emotional trauma.

I once heard a fascinating theory about child development and how we are actually growing and developing with each year of life into each of our chakras. So, for example, in the first year of life, as helpless infants, we are in survival mode and working in our first chakra. In year two, we move into creativity and pleasure, exploration of ourselves and our environment. At two years old, in our third year of life, we are all about will power and doing it ourselves, which are definitely aspects of the 3 rd chakra. Moving into the heart is very evident with 3-year olds who are exploring love and emotional dynamics with family and new social situations. They are beginning to understand the bigger world around them from the heart space. Communication and the 5 th chakra then becomes the focal point of the 4-year old;  really becoming verbal, expanding their language and communication capacities in a non-stop ramble for many. At age 5, most start some kind of kindergarten or pre- school and move into their mental capacities within the 6 th chakra. This is also where the intuitive aspect of the 6 th chakra begins to get shut down for most, as their external experience doesn’t allow its expression. And finally at age six, most children begin some kind of exploration or questioning of God, the bigger picture, creation and things that are most often associated with the 7 th chakra.

Child development is not my field, but as a mother of two young boys, this made a lot of sense to me. It also falls into line with my own experiences in clearing emotional trauma from the body. The pattern is consistent with a focus on the self in the 2nd and 3rd chakras, then in the 4th and 5th with the larger sphere or our local community and finally expanding to experiences with the global community and God in the 6th and 7th . As we outline what is held emotionally within each the parallels are consistent.

The 1st chakra: Things connected to our basic survival and capacity to TRUST.  The root chakra lays the foundation for how we perceive our world. So, experiences associated with abandonment, lack, attack or aggression, neglect and especially sexual injuries from assault or rape are held here. Even though they have happened later in life, the body stores them here in the hips, the whole pelvic floor and up into the colon. It would make sense that even experiences of soldiers in war/conflict and the emotions associated with PTSD show up energetically in the first chakra.

The 2nd chakra: Things that affect our capacity to love SELF and RECEIVE.  This is the area of the body in the lower abdomen where we hold pain done to us by others, especially as children. Teasing, taunting, name-calling, pushing and playground hurts, being bullied, being made fun of as the new kid, the ‘dumb’ kid, the kid with ‘crazy hair’, glasses or bucked teeth, never being picked for the kickball teams… the list is endless. Kids can be cruel to each other as they figure out their place in the world and act out their own hurts from their family life. The core of our self-esteem and self-worth goes back to these early pains that we have buried so deep, most of us don’t even remember grade school because we don’t want to address those hurts. But,
they are affecting our work, our relationships; absolutely every aspect of our adult life goes through these original filters that created who we ARE in the world, but is not the truth of who we BE at our core when wake up to the Truth and clear these out.

The 3rd chakra: Things that affect our belief in SELF and thus our capacity to GIVE.  The third chakra is centered on our will, our own integral capacity to get things done, to push forward. So, locked up in here is where we find every single time we self-sabotaged, were disappointed in our performance or effort, we got angry at ourselves for not living up to some expectation, or that we let ourselves down. These patterns build from situations in our lives when others were disappointed with us first and let us know it. Maybe we didn’t swim or run all out, giving it our best in a race and didn’t get the prize or the glory we envisioned… we let ourselves down. Maybe we let our teammates down. These are the stories we hold on to in the stomach, the pancreas, the liver, the kidneys. The gut-wrenching, stomach-cramping
chronic pain we are in is connected to some story from our own childhood
like one of these. And when we can tap into it, see it, release it energetically
and emotionally, we give our bodies permission to heal.

The 4th chakra: Things that affect our capacity to love OTHERS and FORGIVE The heart. The larger scale pain created by others or perceived as being inflicted on us by our parents and especially our romantic relationships. The moments when our parents or partners were yelling at us or disappointed in us and it went straight like an arrow into the heart space. It literally created
a dense ball of energy in that space. Some of it, especially associated with grief or loss of loved ones, pets, partners, relationships also get held in the lungs and along the spine between the shoulder blades. This is a very common place to hold stress because of this. The first time our heart got shattered by a first love can have energetic shards all through the chest. It is
my belief that left unhealed, these contribute to the development on the physical level of heart disease, heart attack or other abnormalities of heart rhythms and the like.

The 5th chakra: Things that affect our belief in OTHERS and humanity as a whole Interestingly, one would imagine that things affecting our belief in those around us would involve the things hurled our direction verbally and otherwise. In a way it does, yet, what we hold onto predominantly here is the pain we inflict on others through all of our energetic output with words,
thoughts, and actions, especially those UNSPOKEN. This is because these are our REACTIONS to all of the external stimuli of our community and our world. There are things that trigger us deeply enough to want to yell at the top of our lungs or throw a tantrum, and yet we have been trained that that isn’t ‘nice’ to do or to say. Instead, we stifle the screams of rage, we swallow
the string of profanities, we swallow the pain of our Truth and keep it in. All the while, the energetic of it is there. It is created and now a living ball of venom that caches itself in the throat, the tonsils, or the inner ear. When we find no release in expressing our viewpoint, we stop believing that our voice matters and we lose faith in the system.

The 6th chakra: Things that affect our capacity to love GOD and RECEIVE. The majority of emotional injury held here stems from experiences when others shut down our spiritual beliefs or gifts. Inherently as children, we come in with a wide-open connection to Spirit and the energetic realms beyond the 3-D physical realm around us. Slowly over the first several years of our lives, what is said to us about these realms, depending on the openness or closedness of those closest to us, will either maintain our inherent gifts or shut them down to varying degrees. Seeing the incredible disparity in the world of those that are psychically open to those that aren’t, being shut down predominates. This feeling of being ‘cut off’ from something we have a deep connection to can make us feel unable to connect to God, to hear guidance, or to even believe it is possible.

The 7th chakra: The seventh chakra is interesting because it is not part of the physical body, extending up from the crown of the head, so we don’t actually hold emotional pain here. But, we do hold cumulative energetic shutdowns here that block our connection to Mother/Father God or Source energy.

This outline gives us a basic road-map to where we may be holding emotional pain in the physical, emotional and energy bodies. Sometimes simply bringing awareness into the conscious mind can break the stuck energy free. Maybe one or two of these triggered an awareness or an ‘aha’ moment within you. Let that insight be the thread that you follow to unveil more and unlock a healing within your own system. Alternatively, the threads can be followed in reverse. For example, if you have physical pain happening, by feeling where it is held in the body, and then reflecting and praying to see the underlying emotional causes that have created it, this road-map can give clues as to which memory banks to dive deeper into. When we truly desire healing, our angels and guides can help facilitate the opening of those locked doors of awareness.

Araya AnRa combines her gifts as a psychic medium and energy master with
spiritual/life coaching to help others get clarity and movement forward again in
their lives. She is also the author of The Dragon Within www.dragonwithin.com 
Find out more at www.invokehealing.com or on Facebook:   www.facebook.com/invokehealinginternational.arayaanra

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