Hoku Body Alignment

Picture the sun gently setting to the sound of the conch, as Hoku practitioner Kevin England describes a traditional beautiful Pacific Island Hoku session

-by Kevin England

Stardance - Kevin England Book Cover

Kevin England, Stardance

Practiced by artisans using skills passed down by generations, Hoku has its origins in the Islands of the Pacific Ocean and is soft tissue mobilisation and energy enhancement bodywork that dovetails perfectly with Hawaiian lomilomi massage.

Using a beautifully choreographed movement the practitioner gracefully and systematically weaves their way through the soft tissue of the body. The artist aligned with divine energy, keeps their heart and mind clear for spirit to move through them as a conduit for healing energy, constantly alternating between soft tissue release and energy enhancement techniques resulting in a ‘magical dance of the tissues’. The dual combination of focus on love/aloha energy and specialised bodywork techniques helps to release tension and restore energy flow in new directions and patterns. The outcome is greater levels of clarity, joy and health.

Imagine yourself being gently rocked into a state of deep bliss, your body being massaged from head to toe, with a harmonious blending of movement, breath and open heart. With the hands touching you imbued with love, you are able to do more than simply relax, but also free your mind and actuate healing, as your spirit is caressed by the waves of the ocean.

This healing system is derived from the ancient Polynesian methods of re-aligning and balance to the body, mind and soul. Hoku artists are trained to see life as a flow of energy. They follow the notion that the flow can be congested or even blocked by muscle tension, joint immobilisation and mental stress.

Lemurian Tradition
To truly understand what makes Hoku different we have to travel back in time to a land called ‘Lemuria’ (the land of light) the original home to the ancestors of the Oceanic people.
Here Hoku lomi was a way of life, and a complete healing system, nurturing and supporting life of both human and spirit bodies. We are spirit beings, beings of light, here to have the human experience. And it’s this connection to the ancestors, to our inner spirit and to the divine energy of creation that is still present in all true island work. For to lomi is to weave, weave light, weave love, weave spirit through the energy waves of the body creating a web of healing light. It was known as Ke Ala Hoku or pathway to the stars referring to the cosmic energy connection.

What to Expect
Hoku is a full body musclo-skeletal alignment treatment that uses a top-to-toe sequence in which the artist makes use of their finely tuned sense of touch.  The treatment flow is there to make sure everything is checked in order and nothing gets forgotten, but each treatment is individual. The artist only stretches, mobilises and aligns what is required on the day. The aim is to check the alignment, range of motion and mobilisation of the joints. Stretch and ease any tight (Hypertonic) muscles that many affect the skeletal alignment and smooth operation of the body. The aim is to ensure that there is no hindrance to correct nerve and blood flow to each and every part of the body which is then free to move in any direction from a centre of correct alignment and balance.
As artists we seek to restore the structural integrity and balance of the receiver. To do this efficiently we must treat the body as a whole. Every bone, joint, ligament, and muscle needs to be visited and checked. Fascia wraps every muscle, bone, organ, and vessels of the body. Hoku is a holistic or even wholistic therapy as it systematically weaves its way through 206 bones, 360 joints, and 640 muscles, hundreds of ligaments, tendons, and mile upon mile of fascia.

The session continues with rhythmic movement with chanting, drumming, and deep breathing, along with the application of coconut and other nature infused healing oils.

As the sun sets the receiver, free from anger, jealously, envy, and any other emotions that cause stress, is able to reach down deep into the center of their being and bring up life force energy, letting it flow through the entire body which in turn would flow into our lives.

Such is the experience of receiving Polynesian Hoku.  In ancient times this healing session could last for hours or even all night.

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More information on Hoku can be found in Kevin’s new book,  Stardance~ Flow with Energy published in January 2015


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