Full Body Orgasm: On the Path of Pleasure

Isn´t orgasm just something that happens somewhere South of your belly button – and only there? Ingrid Aarrestad Østang meets sexual shamanic healer Catherine Hale.

We´ve been lead to believe that we can only experience orgasm in the genitals, whereas we can experience this anywhere in the body. If there is enough energy, we can experience orgasms across the whole body simultaneously, says sexual shamanic healer Catherine Hale.

It is called a full body orgasm – an orgasm where the whole body can be included.

Energy orgasm
A full body orgasm is quite different from what traditionally is seen as an orgasm. It involves more than just tension release or ejaculation, and it has a lot to do with energy – and the movement of energy. Maybe that isn´t so strange after all, when even physics support that everything is made up of energy, and that this energy can be moved. It is the same with the energy in our bodies.

To be in an optimum state of health, we want a physical body where energy is plentiful and can move freely. If energy can´t move freely, it stagnates in places, or our energy system can become depleted, Catherine says.

So, what happens if our energy stagnates? Catherine explains that if energy becomes trapped in the body, such as unexpressed emotional energy, it can manifest at the physical level as illness. That is why we need to maintain our energetic system. And there are many ways of doing this, such as yoga, tai chi and qi gong, but many of these traditions do not work directly with our sexual energy.

The Tantric tradition places sexuality firmly in the centre. Full body orgasm is a Tantric technique that supports somebody to engage with, and to activate and circulate energy that arises from the sexual organs, Catherine explains.

It just so happens that in the ‘normal’ approach of what Catherine calls “friction-based sexuality”, or what we normally just call sex, we seem to want to get rid of this sexual energy, through ejaculation or tension release orgasm.

In a full body orgasm session the energy is encouraged to move to the rest of the body, instead of directing it out of the body through our sexual organs, Catherine says.

How does it work?
The most important thing in a full body orgasm session is that the person who is receiving feels safe. Once that is in place, there is a possibility for the body to open, and there can be a level of vulnerability experienced.

Once the person is in a state of allowance, then by placing one hand over the heart, to create feelings of safety, and one over the genitals, you can begin to cultivate sexual energy without touching the body directly, Catherine says.

During a session, the emotional body is contacted. Catherine explains that the emotional body is part of our auric field, and is situated quite close to the physical body. What this means is that the person who is receiving is able to experience their emotions throughout the body, as well as experiencing their sexual energy being stimulated from a distance.

Once this energy has been cultivated in the genitals, it can be moved up the body, through the chakra system. Sexual energy is moved from the genitals all the way up through the crown of the head. This can lead to the experience of a full body orgasm, Catherine explains.


Moving blockages
For most people, however, the energy from the genitals connects with energetic blockages in the body, and it is used to clear whatever blockages arise in those areas:

What generally arises for people in the first few sessions is the emotions associated with their sexual conditioning, such as guilt, shame and fear, as well as the emotional stories of their life, Catherine explains.

And exactly because of these blockages, it is rare that somebody goes straight into a full body orgasm on the first try.

What we are looking to is to move to that state where the energy moves freely, from the genitals to the crown. For most people, there is a journey to get there, a journey through the blockages, says Catherine.

She emphasises that if we can view sexual energy as a healing energy, we can open up to very deep healing.

Deep surrender
Very deep healing is exactly what Kristin Magnus experienced in a full body orgasm session in 2013.

My body moved in waves, and I could feel laughter bubbling up in me. Afterwards I was warm, happy, soft and open. I felt completely safe and relaxed, that nothing outside of me could change how I felt, Kristin says.

For Kristin, it was like the experience strengthened her inner peace, strength and self-confidence.

Doing this is an exercise in letting go of control, as well as strengthening the ability to surrender, Kristin says.

And practicing the ability to surrender does not just apply for women. Guy from London recently took part in a full body orgasm-session.

As a man I feel that I am in some way conditioned to experience a certain type of orgasm, one that is primarily focused on a goal. Without the goal of climax, I found myself able to be more present to my feelings. I felt vulnerable at times, but I also felt safe to open my heart to the experience, he says.

Yes to pleasure!
Catherine is certain: in healing our bodies, we get a chance to return to our natural state of being, which is one of pleasure and openness.

We are so used to being in a place of suffering, where guilt, worry and shame is a part of our daily experience, that we think this is normal. We think that pleasure is an add-on luxury, says Catherine.

She is absolutely sure that when we free the body from blockages, we can allow in more pleasure, open to altered states of consciousness and connect to who we are as spiritual beings. Then we can realise that sexuality and spirituality are one and the same. They were just separated by our conditioning.

We have forgotten that we have the power to heal ourselves sitting there right between our legs, Catherine says firmly.

What is energetic orgasm?
According to Catherine Hale, the idea behind energy orgasm work is to clear the body of blockages so that sexual energy can move freely in the body. When we do this, it feels good, as we can experience pleasure, and we begin to open up to altered states of consciousness where we can connect in more deeply to our spirituality. Here we can experience visions, inspiration, feelings of bliss and expansion.

What is an orgasm?
According to the National Health Services, an orgasm is a feeling of intense sexual pleasure that happens during sexual activity. Both men and women have orgasms.When you have an orgasm, your heart beats faster and your breathing gets quicker and heavier. In women, an intense, pleasurable release of sexual tension is accompanied by contractions of the genital muscles. In men, muscle contractions cause semen containing sperm to spurt out of the penis. The orgasm releases dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter in the brain and makes us feel happy and want more of the same. Oxytocin is released, creating a sense of bonding between the partners.

Ingrid Ostang is a Norwegian freelance journalist based in Oslo. She loves travelling – both in the inner and outer landscapes of life.


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