Five Things You Need to Know About Reconnective Healing by Ana Clavell

You could be forgiven if you haven’t heard about Reconnective Healing – even with

over a 100,000 practitioners taught worldwide, solid scientific research to back it,

and VIPs like Deepak Chopra singing its praises – it’s still healthcare’s best-kept

secret. But that’s about to change.


When trying to explain what Reconnective Healing is, somehow it’s easier to explain

what it’s not: it’s not a modality nor a method, it’s not a treatment nor a therapy, it

does not diagnose, and the practitioner’s hands have no need to physically touch the

person. “There’s no incense burning, no candle lighting, no music, no amulets of any

kind. This is accessing a comprehensive spectrum of frequencies that live in a

scientific field that we are all a part of. Keeping ourselves [practitioners] free from

our own preconceived notions and beliefs while facilitating a healing is key to how

well Reconnective Healing works,” adds Dr. Eric Pearl, its founder. Clearly this is not

such a difficult thing to learn to do as many might think, given how many people are

lining up to be taught by Dr. Pearl and his team. This is because the benefits of

Reconnective Healing are measurable and significant. Reports include healings from

cancers, cerebral palsy, AIDS-related diseases, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, heart

disease, anxiety, depression, autoimmune diseases and chronic fatigue syndrome.


As the emerging field of Energy Healthcare continues to take shape, most will agree

that Reconnective Healing is clearly in the forefront and a cut above the rest. So

what exactly is Reconnective Healing and how does it work? Here are five things you

need to know:

1. Reconnective Healing utilizes a spectrum of energy, light & information

frequencies – Science knows we are all made out of energy, and we are finally

understanding how frequency and vibration are the way everything communicates

at a quantum level. Reconnective Healing and the practitioner work as a bridge

between the frequencies around us and the ones that bind our bodies together, in a

sort of conversation at an invisible level – although most people do report feeling

and seeing interesting energy effects and sensations when they are receiving a

Reconnective Healing.

2. Reconnective Healing effects positive changes to your DNA – In both lab

experiments and in the field, human DNA exposed to Reconnective Healing (and the

frequencies it uses) repairs and restructures (reconnects) itself into a more

harmonic state. How is this possible? “To be honest, no one is really quite sure how.

What we do know is that Reconnective Healing actually speeds up the restructuring

of damaged DNA faster than any energy healing technique,” explains Dr. Pearl.

3. Reconnective Healing works just as well over long distances – Perhaps

another example of how similar it behaves to what has been observed in the

quantum energy field, a Reconnective Healing can take place miles, even continents

Informative Article 1: Five Things You Need to Know About Reconnective Healing

away from where the practitioner is facilitating it! Typically people receiving

Reconnective Healing from a distance report that the energy they perceive is very

strong, or even feel that the practitioner is standing in the room with them. “This

may be an effect of entrainment – that’s when two particles start vibrating at the

same rate. Being a multi-dimensional–based discipline, the frequencies that enable

the healing to take place probably do not recognize time or space as constraints,” Dr.

Pearl further informs us.

4. A single Reconnective Healing session may be all you need – Reconnective

Healing can help bring about lasting, permanent change after just one session, and

unlike prescription treatments and therapies, this type of energy healing allows the

person receiving it to decide if and when they want to have another session.

“There’s no hook, no session package pre-buying, no mandated follow-up visits

unless you want to,” says Dr. Pearl. “We suggest a maximum of three sessions, and

then allowing the healing to continue to unfold on its own.”

5. Anyone can learn how to do Reconnective Healing – As impossible as this may

sound, anyone can learn how to become a Reconnective Healing practitioner. “That’s

one of the best things Reconnective Healing has to offer, a chance for every person

to help others heal,” explains Dr. Pearl. “We are so conditioned to believe that only a

few select people can heal others, and that is simply not true anymore. You don’t

need special skills to learn Reconnective Healing. When you attend a training

program, I’ll be there with my teaching team. It’s four days that will not only likely

change your outlook on health, it will very likely change your life itself.”


Dr Pearl is holding Level I and Level II Workshops on 16 – 20 October at the Kia Oval in London

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