Finding Joy, Love and Answers on the Sacred River Ganges

Author Ray Brooks introduces his new book The Shadow that Seeks the Sun, telling how an undisciplined child, a denizen of the London nightclub scene end up inquiring about his true nature on the banks of the river Ganges.

With the help of my wife, Dianne, I have endeavoured to chart this journey in The Shadow that Seeks the Sun. The book is both a travel story and a thought provoking memoir of my search for unconditional freedom, peace and happiness. The journey takes the reader to London,  Newcastle upon Tyne, (my birthplace), Ojai, California and Rishikesh, India. Dianne and I have spent many years traveling through India, and it is with both affectionate humour and compassion that I’ve introduced an unforgettable cast of characters, who inhabit the banks of the river Ganges in Rishikesh, India.

Ray with two sadhu’s on the white sand beach of the river Ganges, Rishikesh


Ray Brooks, The Shadow that Seeks the Sun, published by Watkins Publishing

Interwoven throughout the colourful and lively stories of life in the small, holy city of Rishikesh are nine insightful conversations that take place between myself and Rudra, an intriguing Anglo-Indian man I met by chance on the ghats. With Rudra’s guidance, these simple, yet profound talks challenge my long-held spiritual beliefs by pointing directly to that which is ever-present but completely overlooked—our true nature.

“. . . .This is not about surrendering to a guru or a higher power, Ray; this is not about practising mindfulness, experiencing higher consciousness, or having heightened experiences. Nor is it about believing in karma or reincarnation, past lives, or a God in heaven. We are saying something very different here. Questions on such matters are redundant upon realizing that all appears, as you. Until you see the truth of this, you are seemingly living life through beliefs and theories. Instead we are pointing to the simple, clear truth that there are not two things, you and other. When we use the word truth, it refers to absolute truth and not relative truth, which is a belief. And we will have a mantra: no matter what you hear, it is much simpler than that. Are you comfortable with the ground rules, Ray?”

Ray brooks, a writer, musician and recording artist is internationally know in the world of shakuhachi. He is the author of ‘Blowing Zen’ finding an authentic life, and Ich ging weg der Zen Flote.

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