Feel Your Heart and Follow Your Feet -A New Mexico Journey

Author and holistic therapist Ellie Blair worked with the Native American Tiwa Tribe in Taos, New Mexico for 14 months and lived in Taos for 12 years. Her journey began after a conversation with a complete stranger at the Mind Body Spirit show in London in 1996.

The stranger explained that the source of the most wonderful Silver and Turquoise jewellery was from the Tiwa Tribe in New Mexico. This book is a travelogue of sorts but more than that, it’s a story about walking towards the unknown without fear and it is a memoir of an unforgettable life in which the author was able to embrace each and every unexpected opportunity that came her way including becoming a radio broadcaster and piloting hot air balloons. She hopes this book will inspire others to follow their heart as she did.

”Ellie Blair did something that a lot of us only dream about. She listened to heart and changed her life fearlessly by moving to New Mexico and creating a whole new way of being. She is a beautifully descriptive writer and tells her story clearly and honestly. It is an inspiring insight from first hand experience to a spiritually and culturally rich place. I have enjoyed the journey very much”  Joanne Hunt, Kindred Spirit Magazine.

Grab the perfect, inspiring holiday read and begin your own journey! Available from Amazon.

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