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Are you feeling inside out?

Exclusive Kindred Spirit Reader offer – free 15 minute phone consultation

I believe that Pixar have released probably the most significant and timely film to date – some much needed nutrition for the growing percentage of imbalance in society. It is well documented that the treatment for mental health issues has been rising year on year in western countries.

Inside Out is targeted at children yet its subject matter will lure the nurturing parent seeking to understand basic human emotions more thoroughly. They will surely embrace the essential knowledge gained from the animation, thus equipping them further in the support of healthy psychological development for their offspring. Leading psychologists who’ve commented on the genius release state that infants from as young as babies can be taught to identify their different feelings and more importantly, to be able to correctly name them. I’ve heard that fewer that forty percent of people can accurately do this; another reason why Inside Out is such a benchmark picture.

So what about the grown-ups? Those struggling with life limiting beliefs, sometimes manifested as physical pain, the scars perhaps of poor parental nourishment. Adults who may have a plethora of varying symptoms; feeling trapped by simply not being able to pinpoint the problem. A predominant trait in the majority of clients orientates around feelings. Practicing since the eighties as an intuitive, healer and coach I’ve observed that society teaches us to hide our feelings. We have largely been taught how NOT to feel, to ignore our hunches. Yet, once people are supported they can dare to reach out for the things they aspire to. I believe happiness is the basic human condition and we need help to find our way back to that.

My passion is to help people improve their self-esteem, to find a peace we all desire that can come from perspective and clarity. To reveal true potential and enable people to reach maximum fulfilment is what I devote my time to. Today’s crazy, busy world, which increasingly seems to be driven by anxiety and fear, is a breeding ground for stress and pressure. Money worries, sustaining what we have, let alone affording the odd luxury, meeting rising bills and possible interest rates, all contribute to people worrying, and that is merely scratching the surface of what is troubling us. Costly childcare, job uncertainties, the longing for a simpler life or keeping up with the demands of social media all overload the frantic mind.

Perhaps the biggest “tipping point” when I am consulting is that we are numbing out our true feelings. We are losing the ability to talk and are getting extremely good at pretending we’re coping. We’re mastering the art of non-communication better than ever with our smart phones. Yes, we’ll publish or re-tweet incidentals which form the peripherals of our lifestyles but the space for one to one meaningful conversation is diminishing and being lost in the mayhem of our “red/urgent agendas”!

So, in auto-pilot the stiff upper lip of the British is well rehearsed and more prevalent than ever. We act to preserve our dignity for fear of instant notoriety from social media if we dare to break the mould of expected behaviour. Yet we seem to be juggling an ever increasing list of tasks and “to do” lists. Many of us feel we have done a day’s work before we’ve even arrived at our workplaces! The demands of employers also seem greater than ever and those of you above a certain age will likely feel further pressures from keeping up with younger staff and technology.

Which of the four main emotions are hindering you? Fear, guilt, sadness and anger – they are of the human condition and it is normal to feel them all. It is also very common to feel that you are managing, that you’ll “catch up properly with friends next month” or that you’ll book a day of soon because you really do need to be in for the plumber – that leaking tap won’t fix itself etc…

You might be surprised that very few of my clients come to me with specific problems. In fact, they frequently present a muddle they are struggling to make sense of and my work focuses on helping them to understand their difficulties with a clarity of thinking which gives permission to actually feel again from the heart. This releases people to find their way in greater freedom and health.

If you would like to experience first-hand how I can support you, then I’m offering a free 15 minute telephone consultation to the first 30 readers who get in touch.

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