Exciting New book ‘Girlfriend for a Year’ offers a roadmap to conscious relating…

Runner and counsellor, Julia wanted to be free when she first met Anadi – but she was drawn to

him. Rather than committing in a traditional way, she agreed to be his ‘girlfriend for a year’, relating

honestly and consciously to allow their relationship to grow, free from traditional constraints.

Girlfriend for a Year follows their story.

Honesty is not always easy. Would Julia still be Anadi’s girlfriend at the end of the year? And would

either of them be the same person in any way? Confronting pain, patterns and core wounds, author

Julia Chi Taylor draws on 30 years experience as a Development Coach, interspersing her own story

with invaluable advice and techniques to help you:

• Learn to love and respect yourself.

• Navigate difficulties and hurt within a relationship.

• Identify the ‘small stuff’ that can block intimacy – and understand why it can become ‘big stuff’ that

defines the relationship.

• Remain fully conscious and honest in sharing yourself with your partner.

• Grow and develop together – and individually.

Part diary, part relationship guide, Julia is open about her own fears, adaptations and development,

providing a road-map for anyone looking to investigate their own issues and hurt, that arise in the

arena of relationship, and so become free to truly love.

Click here for an interview with Julia talking about the book.

Girlfriend for a Year by Julia Chi Taylor (£9.99) is out now…. For more information click here.

Click here for Amazon kindle version.

Paperback version here.


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