Entering Into The Void: Advanced Hypnotheric Process – Online 7-part class with Kasey & Brad Wallis channelling JULIUS

This is an advanced 7-part teaching unlike anything we’ve offered before.

This course will take your focus deep into the rabbit hole of being Source. With pristine focus and

concentration we will get you away from your pre-programmed state of insecurity, lack, pain &

suffering, and disconnection. Julius will provide a dialogue to help you reset your subconscious mind to

accept BEING Source.

This class is advanced and you may find the application challenging to master. However, Julius feels that

through desire, curiosity, flow, and allowance, you can find yourself in the state of awareness of being


We will practice the thought suggestion of removing doubt, fear, and judgment. We will place ourselves

into The Void with determination, intention, clarity, and love.

If you believe that your life is ready for this extreme shift, then dare to join us for this experience. This

will be like no other…

Welcome to Knowing yourself as Source!

Course includes 4 pre-recorded modules + 3 Live classes on August 21st, 22nd & 23rd. Students can

attend by phone or web and Replays are available for anyone who is unable to attend the classes live.

Learn more & register at: http://goo.gl/OU694T

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