Divine Feminine

by Jamie Catto

Transformative workshop leader, Jamie Catto offers five ways to honour the Divine feminine, particularly for men.

Jamie Catto & Raisa in the background - Black & White

Jamie Catto

The Divine feminine is a force of nature which exists in both men and women. As women tend to be more in tune with their Yin, or feminine essence, the more generous among them will enjoy eading their man to his own Yin so fully that it awakens him to the courage and intelligence that allows him to be penetrated by Life. The men I know who are fortunate enough to be supported and mirrored in this by the women in their lives have learnt to honour the Divine feminine of both women and nature itself in these five ways:

1 Listen Deeply with Your Whole Body
We’re so trained to meet life with our thinking minds, our strategies and our linear, academic brains, problem-solving the years away. Through this masculine approach, many of us have lost touch with the intuitive genius that sends us quieter messages through our bodies. When She is speaking, listen behind her words to the deeper place from which those words are springing. Often the exact content of the words is reaching for a deeper transmission and connection. It’s useful to notice our mind jump to its immediate, reactive conclusions but then pause, breathe, listen again with our whole body, sensing the subtler messages which arise. The Divine feminine is using words to awaken an experience of connection that usually goes beyond the subject we’re talking about. Being willing to listen in a new, fully embodied way meets her Divine feminine beyond limited concepts and opens the door to the Union we’ve all been hungering for.

2 Vocalise Appreciation
Be specific about how she impacts on you. As a man, it can be easy to assume she knows the nourishing effects her wisdom and presence are having on us, but when we express unconstrained gratitude for Her directly, we enter a realm where our vulnerability and humility empower Her, feed Her generosity, and create a mutual cycle of encouragement and support. There are few things more fulfilling than having one’s generosity received. Intimacy is in receiving more and more of the other.Their gifts, their wounds, their truths, and generously allowing others to feel so received.

3 Be Present
In our current culture of gadgets and instant communications, undistracted Presence itself has become the most sought after quality both in relationships and parenting. When in the presence of the Divine feminine, turn off all electric devices, put your phone on airplane mode, even switch off the modem. There’s nothing we really need to be attending to outside of this room. The willingness to let go of that instantly stimulating addiction is vital for manifesting the depth of connection and Love that awakened Women of 2015 deserve. Maintain eye contact as a route to connecting with our whole body, breath and awareness. If you feel resistant, dare to share that
and still stay with Her. When the Divine feminine is met in this undivided way, She opens in power and radiance. Without full presence, the Divine feminine intuits that She will not be received fully and will often keep Her distance as there are few things more painful than not being met.

4 Willingness to Observe Yourself
In our world of approval addiction and competitiveness, it can feel like we are diminishing ourselves by owning and asking for support with our less attractive qualities, but the opposite is true. We honour the Divine feminine by embarking upon a twin trail of both manifesting out in the world in parallel with witness in  our inner selves in frank and unvarnished ways. To be the most awake and aware version of ourselves, facing ourselves in both the light and the shadows, sharing the challenges and wounds, and journeying beyond presenting only the ‘good sides’ of ourselves, daring to be whole in her presence, is the path to true Intimacy. Without this, we can often rely on her to be a Mummy figure, propping us up, and miss the treasure that is to be received from her challenge.

5 Sit in The Fire
To be patient with the chaos that comes with a powerful woman, with not knowing, not solving, not needing a full stop to every issue, takes strength and patience. The feelings of discomfort as the Divine feminine dances in ambiguity can be hard to sit with. We want a resolution.
We want security and certainty, but the Divine feminine teaches us that Life itself offers no such safety. Everything is changing, nothing can ever be fully relied upon, and in large and small
ways, She will educate us with periods of chaos and unknowing. This training is a vital gift for the Warrior in us, and if we dare to sit in the fire, we have the chance to come to her as a self-reliant, powerfully rooted equal, and learn to parent our own inner children and wounds instead of dependently hoping she will act as scaffolding for our soul.

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