Divine Empowerment – Self Healing, New Energy! By Antonia Harman

Divine Empowerment is a brand new way to look at self-healing, fast, effective, powerful to fit in with the changing times. What would have taken weeks or years to learn in the past can now be learn in just a few minutes, it is futuristic healing for the modern world.

For better or worse we all want everything yesterday! It seems only a few select people take the time to meditate we are so busy with stressful jobs, long hours, children sometimes it’s even hard to find the time to take a bath let alone do a daily spiritual practice.

The Dalai Lama says “If every 8 year old child in the world was taught meditation we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation” powerful words. It would be a wonderful thing if we all took time to meditate; but we are so darn busy. It is an amazing feeling when we have a daily practice. I have seen before and after picks from a month long retreat and the change is beautiful. If you have never had the experience of daily meditation imagine how relaxed you are at the end of a good holiday when you have just been sitting in the sun watching the world go by. The difference between that and the stress and drudgery of ‘the real world’ our daily lives. Meditation can allow us to exist in that chilled space all the time. It does take some time to learn and daily dedicated work. What if there was a short cut? What if anyone could do it? Something simple on the tube to work, whilst popping out to buy a sandwich at lunch, sitting at our desks, whilst watching telly, something passive to help us get to this relaxed holiday feeling, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well, as I said the future is now and Divine Empowerment can provide this right here right now. Healing has been a bit of an exclusive club, new agey, hippies, not always accessible to the 9-5’rs. Well that my friends has changed. Let’s make this totally modern so we can all understand. Energy systems are like I-pads (or any tablet / phone you like –we will just call it I-pad for continuity here). Most of us are perfectly happy installing apps, apps that make funny voices, for games, to buy stuff we just go to I-tunes and choose what we like, install it and click on it when the mood takes us. Divine Empowerment can do the same. Human energy tech that is all it is. In 2 mins an energy app can be installed into our systems, and all we need to do is click on it. The clicking is dead simple we just need to say the name of the energy then “go”. To get that holiday / meditation feeling 2 great brand new energies can be called upon:



Grounding is our connection to earth. When we are ungrounded we are like a kite flapping in the wind someone irritates us and we get totally drawn into it. We can be sitting fairly relaxed then someone does something annoying and we lose our rag; blown away in the wind, totally knocked off kilter.

When we are grounded we are more like a tree rooted firmly in the ground it takes a hurricane to knock us over.

Centring makes us more heart centred more present, as in not getting bogged down by the past or worried about the future, more clear, less affected by others people’s drama.

They can be run independently or together. Once they are installed which only takes a few minutes we just have to say to ourselves “grounding energy go” “centring energy go” or “grounding and centring energy go”. It’s that simple like opening an app.

What is more, once this is installed by a certified Divine Empowerment coach, we can share the installs with friends and family so their systems / I-pads can have the apps and run the energy on themselves and others -who will be able to use the energy but not pass on.

There are 2 ways to run the energy either actively as a mantra, you can sit quietly and say for example grounding on the in breath and centring on the out breath. If you don’t have the time you can do it passively just get the energy running by telling it to “go” and potter around doing what you are doing. If you lose focus just tell it to “go” once more.

Doing this practice daily actively or passively will really help manage stress levels. 5 minutes passively whilst on the train to work or doing the washing up has a similar affect to 20 mins dedicated meditation practice.

Divine empowerment is offering a workshop over Easter in London from the 29th March until the 2nd April where we will learn around 35 new energies. The awesome grounding and centring is only a teeny part of the workshop. We also learn ‘Energetic Aspirin’ which does exactly what it says on the tin -this relives pain temporarily, great for hangovers, menstrual cramps, toothaches etc. ‘Virus Buster’, to clear those coughs and colds fast, before they get you. There is a Chakra clearing, ways to remove emotional conditioning, a big awakening movement, plus 50% of the energies you can share with friends loved ones or clients.

It incredibly powerful energy, open to newbies and experienced healers alike and guaranteed to knock your socks off. For more info please visit  www.divineempowerment.co.uk  Workshop dates on our Events Upcoming page- don’t miss out on one of the most wonderful healing discoveries of the year!

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