Dirty and Divine Tarot – A transformative journey through the tarot


Learning to read the cards, for yourself, is one of the most empowering things I can recommend on any spiritual path. Not because the cards make predictions, but because they echo back to you, what you, deep down, already know. They show you who you are and what you might want to plan, change or think upon. My latest book, Dirty and Divine is a powerful, earth shaking 78 day journey through the tarot. I found it utterly life changing. It kick started some huge cataclysmic shifts in my life that have continued to change, for the better, ever since.

Perhaps you are familiar with tarot, or maybe you are a novice. Either way you are equally qualified to read your own cards and gain incredible insight into your life. Yes, it is lovely to have another person read the cards for you. Yet you are the one who really knows, deep down, what your story is and what might come in the future. The cards are a tool by which you can unearth your truth, whilst at the same time, connecting to your own natural psychic ability, your gut instinct and intuition. The tarot, when held with trust and a willingness to explore the feelings they provoke, are a bountiful mirror to your soul, your dirt and your divine.

I have put together a little Dirty & Divine reading that you can undertake at home. All you need is a pack of cards and maybe a friend to bounce thoughts off, though you can also do this alone. To make this really intense, set the scene nicely.  Light some candles, burn incense and grab your journal so you can scribble plenty of notes. Shuffle the cards with the intent of opening to whatever messages your most human dirty self, and your highest divine self want you to know. What comes next is a meet in the middle, huddle style gang of information.

Pull two cards.

The first represents your ‘dirty’, the second is your ‘divine’. The dirty represents messages from your most human self. It will reflect back the details of your gritty every day life. Whereas the divine card is a message from your spirited highest self, your angels, guides and the goddess!

Connect to your cards. Take a moment to gaze over them. As you do, consider the following.

Trust the thoughts / feelings that arise as you look at each card.

Consider this…

How does each card make you feel? In your gut, in your heart and in your mind?

Don’t worry about ‘official’ interpretations. What does the card say to you personally? Are you frustrated by an image, or perhaps you feel warm towards it? Maybe it leaves you cold, or provokes something a little like anger or love or worry? Whatever arises from within, prompted by the image of the card, is a clue to what you need to know…

Take it further. Close your eyes. Meditate on the cards without looking at them, What words spring to mind? Do any images pop into your minds eye? Does a memory or thought surface that you might attribute to either card? Allow all thoughts and images to come to you. Then open your eyes and revisit the cards again.

On this second gaze, think on this… What colors do you notice? What detailed part of the image springs out to you? Make notes of all this and gently consider what it may mean. If done with a friend you can swap opinions and dig into each others considerations with insight and loving suggestion.

Take all of these ruminations and see how they fit the ‘dirty’ and ‘divine’ aspects I have listed here…

Dirty… Often represents

Your very human, gritty daily problems.

A situation (modern or from the past) that is hounding you.

Your personal chaos / bad habits / worries.

A situation that requires healing.

A new perspective on something that you thought was a problem – or hadn’t seen as a problem.

Divine… Often represents

Spiritual, divine, sacred guidance.

A new perspective on an old problem.


Ways to find internal peace.

Objective, unexpected enlightenment on any situation.

If you wish to expand on a situation further, and to get extra guidance, pull another card for each, dirty and divine. See how this helps the message grow. Have faith that how you feel about a card, is right, always. They are but messengers to your highest self. You are as capable of understanding their meaning as any renowned psychic or seaside fortuneteller!

Finally, pull one card that mirrors back your whole situation, a final guidance card. Allow this card to be one that brings the two, the dirty and the divine, together. Marinate on how this one card reflects aspects of both. Perhaps it is a solution, an answer. Or maybe, more intriguingly, it seems to be a question? In some instances it may even be as bold as a statement, or an instruction. Let this final guidance card close the circle.

As you finish your reading you may wish to leave the cards out on display for a few days. Place them on a little homemade altar on a shelf or window ledge. Revisit them every day for a week or so. See how the meaning of them filters into your consciousness, your dreams, and your meditations and grows into something more powerful.

This is a reading that can be repeated whenever you feel you need its guidance. Go to it with an open heart, with the intent to learn, and if needed, with a question to be answered. Allow the images that arise to be a gift to your subconscious, letting the information that you need, float to the surface from deep within!

Dirty and Divine, A Sacred Journey through Tarot is the new book by Alice, published March 2017 by Womancraft Publishing. Preorder now available.

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