DEVA PREMAL & MITEN with MANOSE Release New Album ‘Songs for the Sangha’ 23rd June!


 Featuring Joby Baker and Spencer Cozens

A brand new album of ancient mantras and songs of celebration

White Swan Records to Release on June 23rd

(June 3, 2015) Songs for the Sangha, the exciting new release from Deva Premal & Miten with Manose, is an exploration into uncharted musical terrain for the world-traveling Yoga music luminaries. Here we have ancient Sanskrit mantras, sung as ever with effortless artistry by Deva Premal, coupled with Miten’s spiritually inspired anthems.

The music is enhanced by the soaring bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) of Nepalese maestro Manose; by Grammy-nominated producer and multi-instrumentalist, Canadian, Joby Baker; and renowned UK keyboard specialist, Spencer Cozens.

Songs for the Sangha is a proverbial magic carpet ride that glides seamlessly from Miten’s intricate 14-minute album opener “Parameshwara Mantra / Deep in Love,” to Deva’s powerfully haunting rendition of the great Sanskrit peace mantra, “Sarveshaam Mantra,” which features the elegant Steinway acoustic piano of Spencer Cozens.

Following the unexpectedly funky “Ganapati Mantra / Strong My Roots,” a tribute to the Hindu deity Ganesh (which, by the way, makes no bones about the adventurous spirit of the musicians) the album weaves its way through a number of intricate, uplifting and sparkling musical jewels.

Something is happening here—this is way more than a regular mantra album—here we have a multi-cultural 5-piece band embracing and exploring various musical and spiritual traditions with, it has to be said, more than a little panache.

“Translated from Sanskrit, sangha means spiritual family,” says Miten, “and that’s how we see this album. It’s an offering, a celebration, a shout-out to our brothers and sisters around the world. Many cultures, many traditions—all are welcome here, in the music.”

Songs for the Sangha is a loving invitation to shift away from the daily rush of “doing” into our deeper realms of simply “being.” Play it for your kids, play it as you drive to work, cook dinner, do yoga or meditate. Play it in your ear buds as you walk your city streets. People may wonder why you have such a big smile on your face, but that’s okay. It’s your birthright to be uplifted by great music!

As the Rumi poem featured in the final track says, “Draw near, draw near and I will whisper in your ear, the name whose radiance makes the spheres to dance: OM…”


Mantra musical superstars Deva Premal & Miten met and fell in love in 1991 at the Osho Ashram in India and have been making spiritually inspired music ever since. With sales of over 1.5 million CDs and with digital sales that have significantly eclipsed that figure, they travel to as many as 25 countries annually, sharing the ancient wisdom of Sanskrit prayers. Many of their albums (A Deeper Light, The Essence, Songs for the Inner Lover, Password, Love Is Space, and Embrace) have topped the New Age and World Music charts across the planet.

Over the years Deva Premal & Miten have picked up a considerable number of accolades from various luminaries; Best-selling author Eckhart Tolle calls their music “pure magic,” while Hollywood icon Cher cites Deva’s album The Essence as “my favorite CD for yoga.”

Even His Holiness the Dalai Lama exclaimed: “…Beautiful, beautiful music…!” following the duo’s rendition of the great Tibetan Buddhist prayer, “Om Tare Tuttare” at a private audience.

On the other side of the social scale, an inmate cried, “…Tonight I’m free…!” after experiencing a two-hour concert given by Deva & Miten and their band in San Quentin prison.

“This is the power of mantras,” says Deva, “they are magical keys that open every door. We just have to remember they’re there!”

Boulder-based White Swan Records, a leader in the devotional and yoga music genre, will release Songs for the Sangha on June 23rd.  for pre-order


Also available from I-Tunes, Amazon etc


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