Connecting To the Loved Ones


by Kari Young

We only have one life to do what we came here as souls to do in these lives that we choose, and it would be a shame if when it’s time to cross over back to the Other Side, we realize that we didn’t connect with others here on their own soul journeys, in a deeper and meaningful way. On a soul level.

I give a lot of readings and they often have similar themes that make me take notice and teach me, as I learn from these wise messages from loved ones on the Other Side.

One running theme in recent years has been the suggestion to call one’s parent or loved one more – on the phone, old-school style, rather than an email, text, or any other form of electronic communication. I’ve started to heed that lesson in my own life, from being a privileged witness to their wise words and seeing how right they end up being in these readings.

It’s funny, I haven’t seen them suggest video chatting like Skype or Facetime. There is a certain connection on the phone (which is more analog, in feeling, although back then it was truly technically analog), where one can focus, and honor the other person in a way we don’t as much now, and listen to the other person’s thoughts. And feel their soul in a way that video (which is digital and electronic) communicating doesn’t let us feel on that deeper level.

We are in the energy already of the Mercury Retrograde, which starts Dec. 19, and just like clockwork, last weekend I found an old journal from senior year in high school, which I never liked to re-read because most of first semester was crying over someone who broke up with me. But I wanted to see when an old friend named Wolfie came back in my life and helped give me hope, “saved me”, even for a brief moment, in that tough school year. We hadn’t known one another as friends in high school and he had come back from his first year of college on break. I had forgotten when we spoke on the phone that initial time of getting to know one another that we spoke for at least four and half hours (not including a break when he had to have dinner with his folks I assume). I wanted to find this journal entry to see what we spoke about. Thank God I wrote down the many things I did back then, including who I spoke to on the phone and for how long even.

I am thankful he took that, what I now call, a “brave” move – to reach out to me, and exchange phone numbers when we did see one another and for taking that “brave” move to call me. To me, it’s brave because back then, we had to commit to that communication – wanting to communicate with the other person we wanted to connect with, on a real level.

Today, we send an email, or text another person and never have a real connection. Sure, we connect more this way, there is quantity perhaps, but not quality. Not a real connection and it’s actually less connectedness this way in this era now. It’s almost robotic – to text another device and not speak to a person. There is something about the soul connection that is more connected to the analog. Back then, you picked up the phone and had an intention to really connect with a particular person, not knowing that it was more on a soul level than we communicate today. Back then, when the phone rang, when there wasn’t Caller ID and screening, we picked up the phone and it was sometimes a pleasant surprise – to hear from a valued friend who was thinking of us at that moment. And life offers few good surprises, then and now. Receiving a phone call from a cherished friends was like a little gift now that I reflect on those days, and it makes me miss those little blessings life bestowed back then. It’s nice to know someone who just thought of us, called us at that moment. There is something loving about that.

There is something precious and beautiful about a phone call. When both people are sitting down in a quiet space and really hearing one another, and connecting on that soul level. Soon it will become a lost art. In fact, it’s already hanging by a thread. We all prefer not to be bothered, so a text is the preference. So we’re often basically not communicating on any deep human level.

For those of us who remember that older era, of land lines and random phone calls when we had no idea who might be on the other end of the phone when we picked it up, for those of us who participated in that way of communicating, I encourage you to try the old-school way again, maybe as one of your New Year’s intentions. To help set the energy for the New Year. It’s often good to do new things we normally don’t do to create energy movement to bring in more into our lives that is good. And, since we either don’t communicate in this way, or those of us who did, now don’t, calling a friend will be considered new energy. Perhaps you can start a new positive energy trend in your own soul group of friends. To connect with someone you value on a deeper soul level. Sometimes the best things are the old things.

It would be sad that when we leave this Earth when it’s our time to go back to the Other Side, and do that “examining how we lived this life” with the wise souls, that life retrospective of what we learned and did, that we notice how little we communicated on that soul level.

It won’t matter how many digital friends we had or accrued, that we never met, or how many text threads about nothing that took 45 minutes that could have been nailed in a 10-minute phone conversation, or how many “social” posts we shared, that can be seen actually as anti-social, because we throw out a photo or thought into the ether, the Internet, and wait for what might come back to us, rather than choosing to personally communicate to the special people in our lives, on a one to one level. To call someone on the phone whom we value and their presence is cherished in our lives.

About the author: Kari Young lives in California and she appears regularly on radio, such as on KGO in San Francisco, where she does readings connecting loved ones on the Other Side; a Huffington Post contributor; and a longtime journo writer, having written for Daily Telegraph Magazine (UK).




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