Colour Numerology

Colour Numerology

By UK Colour Consultant June McLeod

Calculating Birth Numbers
Take a birth date and reduce to a single digit. Take a birth month and reduce it to a single digit and repeat with the year. Now add the three numbers to find the fourth number: the soul number/colour. Each number is represented by a colour. Starting with:

Red – 1, Orange – 2, Yellow – 3, Green – 4, Sky Blue – 5, Indigo – 6, Violet – 7, Magenta – 8, Gold – 9

Colour Numerology
The Karmagraph is most popular. I invented the colour and number method which comprises a circular chart of 9 colours and numbers. The chart is drawn up for all purposes: life events, the individual, group and business.

Using my method, I accurately predicted the birth of a girl for the Beckhams’ fourth child, many months prior to Harper’s birth, Obama’s second term in office, and numerous other pivotal dates and occasions. As inventor of the method I have considerable knowledge in the use of the method as an accurate tool, which can be used to give a colour overview of business, individual personalities and events. It also highlights the abilities of the person giving the colour interpretation, as the karmagraph at first glance may appear simple and straightforward. Don’t be deceived; within it there are many layers to be unravelled and discovered.

Birth Number – Colour Interpretations
To discover colour type I combine numbers with colour with great success. To help you interpret your chart, here is a small overview of colour meaning and attributes for each colour.

1. Red
You are a born leader, with a spirit for adventure; you are passionate about many things but must be careful not to use your energy to excess. You tend to dive into things feet first, which can sometimes leave you in hot water. You love movement and change, and to be seen and recognised for your efforts at work. You have huge amounts of energy for projects and interests that you feel passionately about. Your strong will can sometimes be used to dominate others, so be careful; channel your energies for the highest good. Initial bursts of passion and energy can lead to burnout, so focus on seeing projects through to completion. Passionate, energetic, engaging, leadership qualities, courageous, attention seeking, aggressive, excited, indebted, adventurous and daring.

2. Orange
You have a natural outgoing personality that is effervescent and contagious, fun and laughter are key for you. Living life to the full is important to you. You shine at social occasions and love meeting new people. You can bring a light and playful atmosphere to any occasion with your good sense of humour and positive outlook. Work on releasing any self-imposed barriers that may be holding you back, recognise your insecurities and let them go. Talking about your deeper emotions or writing them down will be therapeutic for you. Vital, fun-loving, carefree, happy, exuberant, gregarious, sometimes childlike, moody, lazy, serious and lacking a sense of humour.

3. Yellow
You have a strong mind and love to absorb information. You have many inspiring ideas, however, you need to work on connecting with your inner voice and tune into your own innate knowledge. You have an analytical mind. Practise following your feelings and intuition more. Your many interests can cause you to jump from one activity to another, or from one person to another. Aesthetics are important to you; you always make a positive impact at social occasions, but often only reveal some aspects of your character. You have a talent for writing and strong organisational skills. Creative, motivated, focused, jealous, lacks the courage to move forward when negative, an active mind and can either light up a room or be a wet blanket – dependant on mood.

4. Green
You are warm and open-hearted and have a special love for your home. You have an open door policy. Everyone is welcome, you are good company and a natural humanitarian. You have a love of good food and beautiful things and are happiest when sharing. You are a natural peacemaker and able to see both sides of a situation. Take time out for yourself as you are a natural giver. Spending time in the country will replenish your energy. You have the ability to nurture and encourage others in their personal growth. Fresh, calming, harmoniser, likes to spend, enjoy prestige and all things of good quality. Your moods vary with company and you can be a chameleon. Good cooks usually, enjoy food and can be a ‘foodie’.

5. Sky Blue
You are peaceful and supportive of others and don’t like to let anyone down. You have a wonderfully giving nature, but remember to allow yourself time to receive. You give out an uplifting and peaceful energy and others feel good in your company. Speak out more and express your intuitive nature. You are a very sensitive soul. You are a natural speaker with a creative and witty way with words. As a natural leader you can bring healing to many and you are open-minded and excellent at encouraging groups and building team spirit. A paradox, you can either ‘talk the hind legs off a donkey’ or have learned that conversation is a two-way process. You are creative, adore music and dance, or can be the social wallflower. You can be outgoing and energetic, or reserved and cool; standoffish or tactile, the paradox of the spectrum is sky blue.

6. Indigo
A natural esoteric teacher, you are able to communicate higher knowledge in a down-to-earth way. Your intuition is highly developed so write down your inspirational thoughts daily as they will guide you smoothly along your path. You can sometimes feel lonely, however, there is no need to. Remember the many people who will be there for you at the drop of a hat. You are a marvellous and natural counsellor, but remember to set boundaries when helping others, as you can give endlessly to the detriment of your energy levels. Reserved, loyal and protective or moody, distant and serious. Bold and courageous, indigo will protect all they love with a determination never beaten. A forever friend, not a fair-weather friend.

7. Purple/Violet
You give so much to others without a thought of return. Sometimes you can be a bit of a perfectionist and will make unnecessary changes; stick with your first line of thought and you will always do well. You are gifted and bring many positive changes to people’s lives. You motivate and teach others by example and are able to easily link to higher realms for ideas and inspiration. You can be prone to melancholy, especially when you feel frustrated and impatient to move ahead. Slow down, as your mind is very active, take time out to rest. Nostalgic, sentimental, mysterious, regal and sophisticated, or tacky, crass, a gossip and overbearing. Loving and kind, or distant and cool.

8. Magenta
Blends the spiritual and physical, and it enables you to ground your divine inspirations and put your dreams and plans into action. With the combination of red and violet, magenta stands majestic, demands respect and offers refuge to all who seek peace. It enables you to break free from tired outworn patterns of behaviour, and ways of thinking and being that no longer suit the new you. Emotionally magenta will release you from the chains that bind, giving you a new way of looking at the situation/ problem that you may not have thought of previously. Breakthroughs happen with magenta. Magenta people can help many overcome life’s trials and tribulations by offering sound suggestions, opening a new thinking channel for others. Respectful, idealist, workaholic, tireless support to loved ones and friends or dreamer, lazy and distant.

9. Gold
Has no shadow, gold is the ultimate, gold is completion. A life cycle completes on gold. Everyone the world over understands and accepts the high value of gold, Saints are shown in works of art with a gold halo around their heads. Everyone is working around the circle to complete on the gold. Gold is the ultimate colour/goal as the fourth number. Illuminating, transparent and aspiring to the highest ideals for the betterment and highest good and highest purpose of everyone.

About the author: June McLeod is the author of Colours of the Soul, and is a leading colour consultant and colour-trends forecaster. With a career spanning over thirty years, her eminence within the field is reflected by her international range of industry-leading clients.
June McLeod holds all rights, including the method, design and concept of colour numerology.

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