Celebrity Twins

Do you have a celebrity twin?

Follow our palmistry guide to see if your hands match those of someone famous.

You may think your hands are nothing out of the ordinary, but in fact they could well show you to have the same type, nature and qualities as a celebrity. You may not live in the glare of the spotlight, but your star quality may be hidden in your hands and full of potential. So, don’t gaze wistfully at the stars, look into your palm instead!

Palmists for centuries have classified all palms into one of four elemental hand shapes. The four elements are earth, water, fire and air. Your hand element usually corresponds to the element of your astrological star sign, but if it doesn’t, forget your astrological sign – your hand’s element is the one to work with as it will strongly reflect your personality type.

Earth hands
Fleshy palms
Short fingers

You have an earth palm.

You will find the mounts of the hand are firm, the fingers stiff and your palms have only a few palmer lines.





Whenever the palm is broad and solid and the fingers short, the instinctive and physical drives are super-strong. Earth handed people are the longest lived and tend to stick rigidly to their marriages and responsibilities. The practical, the material and the sensual are your primary perceptions. You are truly ‘down to earth’, taking stability, pragmatism and, in particular, security seriously, often sacrificing opportunity for familiarity. You are unpretentious, stubborn and physically powerful. If you have an earth palm your hand is twinned with these celebrities, who also have earth palms and characteristics:




Lulu, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Barbara Windsor, Alan Titmarsh and David Beckham

Water hands
Pale hands
Long fingers

You have a water hands

Your fingers will be flexible and the lines fine and delicate (and often chained).








There is a gracefulness and delicacy about people with water hands. The narrowness of the palm shows you’re highly receptive to outside influences and the length of the fingers gives a distance from the material world. You have a preoccupation with your inner life, and with sensation and feeling. Relationships dominate your experiences and you have a vivid imagination. Even if you’re a man, you will be deeply feminine and sensitive in nature. You are intuitive, artistic, moody and imaginative.

If you have a water palm your hand is twinned with these celebrities, who also have water qualities and palms:





Lady Gaga, Cher, Beyonce, Graham Norton

Fire hands

Muscular palms

You have a fire hand

Your fingers are three-quarters of the length of the palm and the palmer lines are deep and red, like cuts.







Your rectangular palm gives responsiveness to exterior stimuli, but with more resilience than that of the more narrow palmed water hand. The fingers are mid-length, neither particularly abstract nor too physically orientated, giving a drive to action. You are mobile and dynamic and goal orientated, becoming frustrated if results don’t come quickly; impatience is a key fault. You’re ostentatious, risk-taking, bold and adventurous in all things. Fire handed folk are more prone to burn-out through overwork and are the least likely to stay married.

If you have a fire palm your hand is twinned with these celebrities, who also have fire palms:





Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Simon Cowell

Air hands
Square palms
Flat mounts
Light bones
Very long fingers

You are an air hand.

The lines are long, fine and usually numerous.





If you have air palms your long fingers mean you naturally inhabit the world of thought, you simply can’t stop thinking, planning and talking. You love to analyse, you are argumentative And, somewhat, quirky (your friends might say a bit mad!).

You are non-conformist, enjoying lots of space and freedom. You’re a natural instructor and always have opinions of your own. Air hands are usually well educated or well read, and prone to nervousness and anxiety.

If you have an air palm your hand is twinned with these celebrities, who also have air palms:




Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone, Stephen Fry, J.K. Rowling

About the author: Johnny Fincham is a palm reader of 30 years standing and the author of the best-selling book, Palmistry-Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours (O books). Visit his website for further information.



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