Celebrate the big Five-Oh with a gift of love!

How do you celebrate turning 50?   Nice lunch? Buy a Harley? Get a big tattoo?

Naaah!  My good friend and rellie Alex (aka the Ageing Hipster), suggested that he and his chums climb Kilimanjaro instead, to help launch a charity.  “Great idea!” they thought.  His next task was to convince them once they’d sobered up…

Downsyndrome Extra 21’ will help to promote equal opportunities for people with Down’s syndrome and offer support to them and their families. It will promote public awareness of Down’s syndrome and encourage and help local support groups.   The climb takes place at the end of the month, but the burning question is…will they make it without a stairlift??!!!

You can check out their hilarious story, from drunken stupor to cold daylight reality at www.kilimancrisis.blogspot.com

To make a donation to this wonderful charity, please do so via Alex and Di (pictured above) at www.justgiving.com/alexanddi

With love, thanks and best wishes,  Jo Barnard  http://www.you-time.com   

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