Business Alchemy

Andrew Wallas’ 3 critical elements for how a business can realise its greatest potential and achieve it.

I created Business Alchemy to apply a radical new approach to transforming business. Unlike many approaches to change management, it is not formulaic and does not follow a predetermined path. It is concerned with identifying the hidden aspects of a business that block performance, as well as illustrating how to access infinite possibility and potential. Business Alchemy introduces metaphysical concepts into the business world.

In essence, it is about meeting an organisation wherever it is in its own evolution.

It is about getting to the “heart of the matter” and creating some magic.

I want to highlight 3 critical elements of Business Alchemy:


Intention is probably the most under-rated and misunderstood phenomena in terms of fulfilling potential. Nothing exists in the Universe without intention. The house you live in, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the relationships in your life and your favourite music cannot exist without intention. In fact, even you do not exist without intention. Apple and Amazon do not exist without INTENTION – no business exists without INTENTION.

Intention orchestrates infinite possibility.

Intention is the creative power that fulfils our dreams. An intention is an inner impulse, which is focused in a particular direction and contains within it the seed of that which you seek to create. Just like real seeds, intentions can grow or perish according to the richness of the soil and the attention they receive.

Most businesses do NOT operate with real clarity of intention

Others create a clear intention but then obstacles get in the way – e.g. conflict, distraction, envy, doubt, competition and a host of other blocks, both conscious and unconscious.

These blocks inhibit the intention being realised.

Business Alchemy is about clearing these obstacles.



Each one of us is out of alignment in many ways. If we went to a chiropractor or osteopath right now, after a brief diagnostic, he or she would manipulate and click our musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, and muscles) and as we became more aligned, the energy would flow more freely and strongly through our body.

Every business is also out of alignment in important areas.

All too frequently, the Chairman and Chief Executive are slightly or majorly out of alignment. Often there are different “factions” on the board, and throughout the organisation. Differences arise between “front office” and “back office”; marketing and sales etc

Imagine a business where every component part of the business was totally aligned with the explicit intention for that business

Business Alchemy is about clearing the obstacles to ALIGNMENT



Everything is not only possible, it already exists (as pure potential) and it requires consciousness (intention) and alignment to manifest it in the physical world. As individuals and as businesses, we spend our lives rearranging the furniture of the outer world, constantly surprised that the overall outcome never changes that much. As an individual, we leave one relationship and start another with someone who seems completely different, only to discover that the same dynamic arises. We leave one business and start another business, where similar issues arise.

It is like going to the cinema and watching a film of our business unfold. We get to a point we do not like and walk out, get into our car and drive to another town. We walk into the cinema expecting to see a different film – it is the same film. We get back into our car, drive to an airport, get on an aeroplane and fly to Australia – it is the same film playing.

Why – because we are the projector.

It is not until we shift our attention to the inner world, behind the projector, that we can create a different business. If the thoughts, images and intentions behind the projector change, then the outer world will automatically alter in a corresponding way. This is why the nature and role of intention is so important. It can readily be seen that the image behind the projector and the image on the screen have to be the same. Hence, they are synchronistic.

So, if we get the image behind the projector right (intention) and make sure the lens is in focus (alignment), then the outer image the business we want to create cannot be otherwise (synchronicity).


About the author: Andrew Wallas is a successful businessman and intuitive corporate shaman. Apioneer in business leadership, he combines his City experience with deep insight to achieve radical transformation in organizational structure. Through his company, Business Alchemy Limited, he supports businesses to realize their latent potential. His latest book was published in June 2017 and is available to buy here.

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