Benecos Cleansing Gel and Facial Fluid Will Nourish Your Skin

Cleansing gels are absolutely essential for my morning routine, although finding the right one for my oily skin has not been an easy task. I tried many formulas and brands, which often left my skin too dry and tight.Benecos-Natural-Cleansing-Gel-zoom

I came across Benecos Cleansing Gel and Facial Fluid a few months ago, and since then I can’t start my day without them.

Benecos Cleansing Gel contains a nourishing herbal mix and lime blossom water, along with calming and cooling aloe Vera. It is natural and its moisturising ingredients leave an invigorating fragrance on my skin.

It is quick and easy to apply, and after the morning wash my skin feels soft to the touch and revitalised. Benecos Facial Fluid is perfect to apply straight after, it is a light face cream that hydrate and keeps my skin smooth every day. It is gentle and perfect for the city life, particularly in those days when the skin feels dirty and dusty.

Benecos products are natural, the addition of Vitamin E helps maintain the skins oil balance, and they certainly offer great value at a reasonable price. If you have a sensitive skin, these products are certainly to try!


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