Be Your Own Guru


by Mynoo Maryel

It’s time to BECOME the full embodiment of who you are. BE COME means to BE your own teacher, your own GURU and COME into your inheritance and claim your magnificence.

In my recent book called The BE Book, I share my journey of becoming my own guru.

In writing my book, I examined key incidents from different phases of my life and discovered that the gift of the BE lifestyle started coming to me from the time I was two years old. My life experiences and the choices I made growing up became the foundation upon which I continue to live my life today.

The biggest challenge of accepting that we are our best guru is the responsibility that comes with it. There is nothing and no one to blame. The buck starts and stops with us.  The most important gift of becoming our own guru is the complete freedom to make our choices, act upon them and ultimately, call the shots.  That realisation is frightening too, as we recognise that there is nothing anyone or anything can do to us that is superfluous to our growth. So how do we do this, given that there are so many factors out of our control?

I adopt a practice for myself to unconditionally accept what is, what has occurred and fully  accept how I react or feel about it. This allows me to be able to receive the gifts and lessons from every situation, good, bad, ugly or beautiful.This extract from The BE Book, illustrates how incidents from my life have become a roadmap to pure wholesome joy.  Try it for yourself and become your best teacher.

Fun and Fab
I went through a phase in my life as a little girl where I became an unstoppable rebel and my dad resorted to his favorite punishment of locking me up in a room.  I figured out a way to squeeze my flexible little body out of the window and sneak out to play with our servants’ kids.

I recall having so much fun time with these kids. We would go climbing trees, hanging from the branches, plucking tamarind and wood apple; and excitedly sharing it together. I would return to the room I had been locked into just in time, looking suitably guilty for my mom when she opened the door to let me out. This was my secret world and fortunately, no one squealed.

One day I overstepped the mark.  Dad became very upset and asked mom to lock me into the room and to keep me there until he returned from work. I was absolutely thrilled.  This time I could go fishing with my fun friends in the ocean.  I did not have to return until the evening!

So off we went, for the most thrilling fun I had ever had as a kid, riding on the back of a rickety old scooter. All five of us kids piled up on each other. It was exciting, so much fun! I returned to the room that I had been locked into well in time and to my surprise, as I jumped into the room from the window, I found the door open and heard the angry concerned voices of my father and other adults.

I realised then that my mom came into the room at lunchtime, found that I was not there, hailed security, called Dad and a search party was set up. Then I returned and was caught in the act, red-handed. I was in real trouble then. and the locking me into the room stopped. My rebelliousness subsided, too.

I learned that social class segregation was unnecessary and deep down we are the same if we choose to think that way. I was just as well cared-for by the servants, with no expectations; they just shared their joy with me.

This experience took away the judgment and evaluation that plagues many relationships. I saw first-hand that the servants in their homes had everything that made them feel fulfilled, while many of my mom and dad’s wealthy friends did not notice what they had and continued to feel deprived.

I got the power of BE Fun and you have the fun you want. BE Fab and you feel fabulous. BE Fulfilled and you enjoy whatever you have wherever you are.

I invite you to become your own guru, examine your life, incident by incident and receive the rich experiences and lessons in all that occurred.

About the Author Mynoo MaryelMynoo Maryel Headshot
As a high-flying executive and pragmatic serial entrepreneur in Europe, Asia and Australia, Mynoo has built eight businesses, produced fifteen feature films for Bollywood and Hollywood and co-founded the renowned Inspired Leaders Network. She became a specialist advisor to key leaders throughout the U.K., as well as to the boards of several Fortune 100 companies. In 2010, Mynoo went through a series of spiritual awakenings through which she reconnected with the true mission of her soul. She then undertook for herself what has now become the Journey Into Miracles, actively applied the received wisdom to her own life, became her own ‘guru’ and transformed, almost beyond recognition. Her journeys, for herself and with others, have been expanding ever since. She is now the visionary founder of The PoEM (The Palace of Extraordinary Miracles), a movement and for-benefit organisation that focuses on making miracles the norm.  It is Mynoo’s great joy to share what she has learnt with the world, to inspire people to follow their own deep inner guidance and wisdom, and to understand that, ultimately, they are the “guru” they have long been waiting for.


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