Be Part of This Wonderful Project!

The project is for a unique I – Ching Deck and Book:

Artist Shenpen has been working on a book and card deck for the past fifteen years:

Becoming Visionary: Creating an Enchanted Earth with the Transformative Powers of the Zhouyi 

And now she is looking for crowd-funding to get this beautiful work into the public domain.

The Zhouyi (pronounced jhoow-ee) was the name of the original Book of Changes, or I Ching. In China It is also called the

Yi Jing, pronounced yee-jing. Shenpen’s approach in Becoming Visionary is one in which the primordial, shamanic source of the  Zhouyi is honoured while being brought exuberantly into the extraordinary, dynamic time we find ourselves in.

The book and card deck are designed with those of you in mind who are beginners to the Zhouyi, but who have already been on a spiritual journey for some time. This isn’t to say that if you’re just beginning to open up to the unseen side of life you’re not welcome ~ far from it. Just that you may find some of the contents a bit more challenging or unusual.  If you’re already at home with the I Ching, you will likely still find material here which gives you a fresh perspective.  Here is a short video about the project:

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