Author’s Spiritual Journey: Secret Friends

How do you feel when you are outside in nature? Listening to the sounds of bird song or the rustling leaves in the breeze… a babbling brook, or the sea rushing onto the shore? Can you taste the salty sea spray or smell the scents of a woodland glen? Susie A. J. Haslam invites you to Secret Friends’ amazing adventures exploring nature; a fascinating conversation with the Rose Flower faerie, a night time visit from an elf, a magical encounter with a dolphin, and discover how Ben becomes a true friend. You will be amazed what can happen when you make friends with nature.

Being in Nature has always been a source of nourishment and spiritual connection for me. From an early age I was aware of the presence of unseen helpers and guides and had an understanding of events before they occurred. I loved to read, write my own stories and sing and dance. One of my favourite books as a child was Dr. Doolittle, I knew it was true; we really can talk to animals!

In adult life I have been blessed with magical encounters and telepathic communication with the elemental and devic kingdoms, animals and birds, including a majestic stag, a wild dolphin and the Grey whales. All these wonderful experiences, along with songs and poems ‘dropped’ into my consciousness have inspired my writing ‘Ankara’s Nature World’. I am passionate about sharing the wonderful and unique opportunities that interacting with the natural world and the oneness of all life can bring. My own healing and spiritual journey precipitated by life challenges and family bereavements led me to explore, train in and practise various healing modalities, run groups, workshops and give talks. This has culminated in a greater understanding and gratitude for the love of and support of the ‘unseen’ world and to intuit ‘we are never alone’. I have discovered the powerful profound effect simple storytelling can bring to emotional literacy in children. I have observed throughout my teaching career how favourably many children respond to animals and the natural world, often experiencing dramatic transformations in their ability to be calm and communicate more effectively. Many children have a limited experience of outdoor play in our ever increasing technological world, spending time looking at a screen rather than interacting with each other or the natural environment. Often, sensitive conscious children find difficulty fitting in with what is considered the norm.

My stories explore issues such as sensitivity, being different and bullying, as well as messages about the environment, education and connection to nature. I hope to inspire more children and parents, in a fun and magical way, to rediscover and cultivate a positive, caring and delightful relationship with the natural and animal kingdoms, as once existed…

I am as a child, wild and free,

See the elementals dance with me,

Full of fun and wonderment,

Dancing star, heaven sent,

Sitting by a campfire,

Songs are sung with glee,

Running up a hillside,

Climbing on a tree,

Splashing in a river,

Swimming in the sea,

Playing in the sunshine,

The dolphins and me,

Life is such a playground,

Running wild and free,

Oh to be earthbound,

So lucky are we

Nature can be a sustaining calming influence, soothing and delighting the senses. With so much love and gratitude to all of nature, my unseen friends and helpers, everywhere.

Secret Friends, Ankara’s Nature World by  Susie A. J. Haslam can be ordered online from Amazon, or visiting Balboa Press, Watkins Bookshop and local bookstores.

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