Australian Melanie Spears Introduces The Gratitude Diary To The UK & Europe

Have you got your Gratitude Diary for 2015?

Author, Melanie tells us what inspired her to create this:

The Gratitude Diary was created in 2008  as a genuine desire to combine my  journelling/creative life with my Daily organisational life.  And so . . .I made myself a book in which I could do just that !

After working for 13 years as a psychiatric nurse,  it became obvious to me that the moon definitely had an effect on people’s psyches  and so I found a great Astrologer who could tell us more about that;  creating an astrologcical moon guide for the Diary.

This year , I have explored Archetypes, what they are and who they can be when they are in their shadow. There are 13 archetypes in the 2014 Diary,  one to explore every moon cycle . There are also worksheets so that you may explore yourself in relation to that character.

This is the second year the best-selling and unique Diary has been available in the UK and is currently being distributed by Central books.

Previews here:

The Diary is available in most New Age stores,  on Amazon, and also here:

Why not treat your family and friends to something that will inspire and manifest good things for the coming year!

“Rather than using my mind in an attempt to remain in control, I started practising gratitude through journaling
and being present. The practice became my shelter as I stood in the eye of a cyclone… the diary is an authentic reflection of my own soul and personal journey. It’s a way to actualise my own process, to embody a spiritual concept, and make it real, in life, where it matters. Considering the reality that we are all ‘connected’ in some way, others can relate to my
evolution as their own.”

Melanie Spears,  author of the Gratitude Diary.

With Blessings,

Melanie Spears


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