Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Product Review

Changing my regular skincare routine, honed over many, many years, takes me a good deal of courage as i do have quite sensitive skin and cold weather, the menopause and changing brands tend to exacerbate this, sometimes giving me sore, red patches. 
I needn’t have worried! 
I’d heard of Aurelia and read the glowing reviews in the press and was more than a little intrigued by the tag ‘probiotic’.
I have to say, i have enjoyed using the selection immensely; it’s no wonder they’ve won several prestigious awards.
Aurelia Probiotic Skincare prides itself on its mix of science and natural luxury. The range is free from a number of harmful and unethical chemical -based ingredients and synthetic fragrances, which meant i could enjoy them, worry -free.  Ingredients are natural and ethically sourced ‘BioOrganic’ plant and flower botanicals and are used throughout Aurelia’s probiotic skincare range.
The impressive science behind Aurelia would fill the page so please do read about it on their website, linked at the bottom of my review.
My requested travel -sized sample selection arrived in a lovely, stylish and fairly large pouch complete with a small muslin cloth, rolled up and tied in a pink satin ribbon.
Miracle Cleanser: delicious to use, actually took make-up off quicker than my regular cleanser and my skin felt moist and comfortable afterwards, which is definitely the sign of a truly gentle cleanser. I would use this in the coldest weather without fear of soreness/redness.
Refine and Polish Miracle Balm:  A double-action, multi-use, active fruit enzyme polish which can be used as an instant exfoliator or an exfoliating mask.  I am always a tad nervous with exfoliation but was very impressed with this, after 5 weekly uses as a 5 minute mask, i could see a difference in glow and clarity and still no soreness or even tightness, just soft, smooth skin. I think this is my must-have product of the collection as there’s nothing else like it at all.
Revitalise and Glow Serum: First thing i noticed was the Heavenly smell. The feel-good factor alone from this gentle, silky serum surprised me. I did notice a glow and it does have a lovely feel although after about two weeks, i can’t say it would have time to reduce deeper wrinkles to my naked eye so i will return for a full-size soon.
Cell Repair Night Oil: An intensive overnight boosting treatment which works in tandem with the skin’s nightly repair mode. Best if used on top of the repair and glow serum and as i can have dry cheeks, i did this for 10 nights after trying it alone, under moisturiser for 4 nights. Very nice feel, not heavy and no spots resulted, which has happened before with other oils. Win!
Aromatic Repair and Brighten Hand cream: Too often, i get into bed, look at the handcream and not bother because so many that i’v tried are greasy and oddly, keeps me awake but this cream is delicious smelling and non-greasy. I can use this regularly and enjoy it. It really is an ‘Mmmmm’ aroma.
Joanne Hunt, advertising manager.
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