Aura Transformation!



Tony Bell discovers a clairvoyant’s powerful treatment method which permanently transforms a person's energy field, creating new Indigo and Crystal auras


AuraTransformation creates a new aura in those born with the old aura structure. It was developed by Danish clairvoyant Anni Sennov, after several years of severe asthmatic eczema resulted in her being hospitalised in 1992. With conventional and alternative treatments both failing to cure her, that summer Anni decided to take full responsibility for her own health. Within two weeks of making this decision, her disease was cured, and she became pregnant.


In 1993 Anni gave birth to her son, and began working as a healer and astrologer, but she was finding life difficult, and needed to work with her energy on a daily basis to stay balanced. One day in the summer of 1996, Anni’s living room suddenly became dark, but she found that raising her consciousness to a higher level made the darkness disappear. She then received a psychic message telling her that she needed to contact one of her healer friends, who could help her to gain a new kind of auric protection – otherwise she would not be able to lead a balanced life in the energies of the New Age.


Anni realised that prolonged illness had damaged her aura, and as her friend channelled powerful energy into her, almost going into trance, Anni watched the process unfold clairvoyantly. She observed a new Indigo aura being created around her, and carefully noted the steps involved. Anni began to create new auras for her clients, and the process became known as AuraTransformation™. The person performing the AuraTransformation became known as an Aura Mediator.


During an AuraTransformation the old aura structure is dissolved, and lost parts of consciousness are returned, similar to soul retrieval. Karmic memory is purified, and old emotional wounds released. The balance body is manifested, which operates as a protective zone. Finally, a new aura is created. While AuraTransformations follow this general sequence, each one is specific to the client’s needs. The process takes two to three hours, and some people may need further balancing treatments of one hour.


AuraTransformation became possible due to the evolution of the human aura. The Indigo structure began to appear in those born in 1987, and by 1995 children were born with full Indigo auras. From 2004 there has been a mixture of Indigo and Crystal auras, and children born since 2009 have a pure Crystal aura.


Many people have received AuraTransformations in Scandinavia and Estonia, and it is spreading through Europe and the USA. I recently interviewed Berit Reaver and Sander Hiire when they came to London to introduce AuraTransformation to the UK.



What is AuraTransformation?


Berit: It’s like a software upgrade. When you install the latest version of an operating system on your computer, it allows you to process information more easily, to be more productive and creative.


You could say children born since 1995 have the latest operating system. AuraTransformation lets those born earlier upgrade their system, then things start to function really well. People become stronger, more aware of what they want in life. It’s intended for people who are relatively stable, physically and mentally, not to cure disease, but to help them feel better and achieve more. It makes you more you.


Sander: An AuraTransformation helps you follow your own truth. It becomes easier to define and observe yourself from a wider perspective, and set boundaries for yourself and others.


How did you become involved with AuraTransformation?


Berit: I started to work with higher energies because I didn't have a choice. After a shock, I fell into a state of universal love, and suddenly understood many things. I heard other people’s thoughts, and felt their feelings; if they had pain in their body, I experienced it. I wasn’t able to be around people for long without becoming sick or tired. I spent a lot of time alone, and was very happy in this state of love, but could not function well around people. I heard about AuraTransformation a year later, and knew in my heart I had to do it.


After my AuraTransformation, things really started to happen for me. I became stronger; I found it easier to be around people, and they heard what I was saying; I became more visible. In 2002 I met Anni Sennov, and became an Aura Mediator. I started working closely with Anni, and she trained me to run Aura Mediator Courses. We became close friends. Today I live in Norway, and run courses all over the world.


Sander: I became involved in a similar way; I was pushed into it. I was an athlete, and I had an illness that influenced my heart, so I couldn't compete any more. I started looking for alternatives; I worked with South Korean energy exercises for four years. I travelled in Mexico, the United States and Canada for a year, and during this time I became very sensitive to energy. When I returned to Estonia, I found my South Korean energy teacher was now an Aura Mediator, and it was the logical step to have an AuraTransformation.


What kind of aura does AuraTransformation give people?


They may receive an Indigo aura, a Crystal aura, or a mixture of the two. It depends on their level of consciousness, and the frequency of available energies, which is rising all the time. If a person receives a crystal aura, the spirit must integrate with the body, into every cell. This process happens after the AuraTransformation, by itself, and is called crystallization.


Golden energy is sometimes present during an AuraTransformation. This is ancient, holy energy that comes from inside the earth. Long ago, it was on the surface, but was too strong for people. It is slowly returning, and this is part of the reason why Indigo and Crystal energies appeared now, those with a crystallised aura can assimilate Golden energy.


Can people create a new aura for themselves?


Berit: Before I had an AuraTransformation I built up protection for myself, since I was overly sensitive I had to, but the protection was in my body. I did a lot of exercise, I was alert all the time, ready for anything, but it was not that healthy. People can create their own protection, but it takes a lot of effort to maintain, and it will have to be taken down if they choose to have an AuraTransformation.


I heard about something called the Merkaba that you can build as protection around you. These structures aren’t as natural as the aura that an AuraTransformation gives you, which is the same as children have. It’s not possible to create this for yourself. You need the assistance of someone who’s had an AuraTransformation, and been trained to ground you, and transmit the right frequencies.


Can AuraTransformation help parents of Indigo and Crystal children?


Sander: They should be the first ones to have one, because their children will benefit. They won't need to struggle with the energy burden coming from their parents; they will be on the same level.


Berit: Parents who’ve had an AuraTransformation have a better understanding of their children, because they have a similar frequency in their aura. They come back and say, 'Now I understand what my child is talking about’. Indigo children and Crystal children come to schools with new energy and new needs. Teachers experience that, but cannot provide what they need. The school system has an old structure, and won’t let teachers change it. Who are the losers? The teachers are, because they are pressured from both sides, which can lead to stress and conflict, sometimes breakdowns. The children also lose; they don't receive the teaching they need. I have worked with many teachers who have benefited from having an AuraTransformation; they often have more insight into the children they teach.


How do Indigo and Crystal children differ?


Berit: Indigo children are very balanced; you might not think that when you see them because sometimes they run around like crazy. That's because they respond to the imbalances in the situations or people around them. If they are not getting something they want, they let you know. With Crystal children, the spiritual body extends into the physical body, which means they have a pure energy inside them. They don't make a lot of noise like Indigos. They have a desire for truth, and are direct and honest in their dealings with others. They know what they want, and what they don't want, and they tell you. They live from the heart. Sometimes, if they don't get what they want, you may experience something falling on the floor over there, things happening around them without them lifting a finger. There are many different kinds of Indigos, and many different kinds of Crystals, but they have these similarities.


Can AuraTransformation help people who are anxious or depressed?


Berit: Yes, of course, if the person has the desire to change and the willingness to change. It is not advisable to have an AuraTransformation when you are depressed – however, if you are in a period without depression and without medication, you could consider it. AuraTransformation does not solve your problems, but enables you to reclaim your power. You need to be ready to take full responsibility for your life, because once an AuraTransformation has been performed, it’s irreversible. That's why we’re so careful, having people first read Anni Sennov's book (Crystal Children, Indigo Children and Adults of the Future).


Not everybody needs an AuraTransformation; it’s only for those who intuitively feel it’s right for them. After an AuraTransformation, you become more yourself. Your higher self surrounds you closely, it takes the blink of an eye to get in touch with it, and the next step is to act on it. Some people say they can’t meditate any more because they get so restless. You don’t need to spend a long time getting in touch with your higher self anymore; you can start living from that higher perspective. You can live your dreams.


Sander: Your intuition improves; your ability to manifest grows stronger. You act on your ideas; you don't just think about things, you do them. Slowly it becomes a natural way of living. If you compare yourself with how you were a year ago, you’ll probably see a huge difference.


Are there people who shouldn't have an AuraTransformation?


Berit: People who are not interested in looking at themselves, who don't want to look at their problems and try to escape all the time. Sometimes people use alcohol or drugs to escape.


AuraTransformation brings any imbalances you have to the surface, and amplifies them, so they can be fully resolved. If you’re not ready to face your problems and do something about them, it could make things worse, since the imbalances come to the surface and can easily become stuck there, if you don’t wish to deal with them. When you face your problems, your expanded consciousness lets you understand the source of your imbalances, and the balance body and closer connection with your higher self makes them quicker and easier to resolve. Each case is different, but anyone who has a genuine commitment to change could consider having an AuraTransformation.


You may not have many issues, but an AuraTransformation can still make you stronger, more creative, help you to be happy with yourself, express your personality, fulfil your life purpose. It can help you with everything you do. If you already live this way, it can help you do it in purer, more direct way, or take you in an exciting new direction.


Sander: AuraTransformation is meant for healthy people who are self-aware, and for people who are living simple, social lives. You don't have to be super spiritual. It's for everybody, and it works differently for each person. No matter how aware a person is, after an AuraTransformation they start to see more. It's an opening up, an expansion, but it's meant for people who are relatively stable in their mind, because it will amplify their energies. The balance body, expanded consciousness and stronger intuition help you to resolve your life issues.


Why do you think AuraTransformation originated in Scandinavia?


Berit: If you look at countries like India and Tibet, you see highly spiritual people meditating on mountains. They've done a great job, they’ve brought us to where we are today, but those countries also have a large gap between rich and poor, between spirituality and everyday life. You could say they symbolise the old aura structure, where a person may have an open crown chakra with deep spiritual insights, but the lower chakras may be closed, so the way they live may not always reflect their spirituality.


The new aura structures maintain the balance between body and spirit, so whatever level of consciousness a person has will be reflected throughout their aura and their life. Scandinavian countries also have this balance; they have a good standard of living without a large gap between rich and poor, between the spiritual and the materialistic. They’re democratic societies where children’s welfare is given a high priority, and they often top surveys of the happiest places to live. Individualism is strong there, you have the freedom to be yourself, and having an AuraTransformation makes you more of an individual. The new-time energy is based on balance, not light.


Are animals born with a new aura structure?


Berit: There’s a difference between wild animals and animals that live with people. Wild animals don't have the same aura structure as people; they don't have a lower mental body, astral body or an etheric body, they are mostly just spirit and body. They live in harmony with the Earth, they breathe with the Earth. Pets learn and integrate things from their owners. They are learning about emotions, and getting a mind of their own; they’re so connected with their owners they will take on a sickness for them. When AuraTransformation started, some people performed it on pets – horses, dogs, and cats. You can’t do that anymore, because they already have the new aura structures, but you can help them with the crystallizing process.


Is the Earth’s aura changing?


Berit: Yes, it's rising in frequency; the Earth is going through a big AuraTransformation. Things that were hidden before are becoming visible for everyone to see. Some people think 'Oh my God, what are we going to do? This looks like the end of the world'. No, it's not; it’s always been there, you just didn't see it before. The Earth is a big part of the change, which is connected with 2012. It's been happening before 2012, and it's going to happen after then, too. Time is speeding up, and this is connected with karma ending, both individually and as a whole. Our experience of time is going to completely change.


People are becoming more aware, more conscious, they’re evolving spiritually. Yoga, meditation and alternative therapies used to be for the few, now they are becoming mainstream. After an AuraTransformation, people become more connected with the higher frequencies of today’s world. We help people to integrate these new energies, so they become part of their life.


Sander: AuraTransformation helps to connect you with the available information. The Schumann resonance frequency (the earth’s electromagnetic resonance) has increased, and this is connected with 2012 and time going faster. As the frequencies continue to rise, many people could benefit from an AuraTransformation.


How do you see the future?


Berit: Bright.


Sander: I'm working for it to be bright; AuraTransformation gives us the tools we need.





Berit Reaver is the International Director of the Aura Mediator Courses. She lives in Norway and works closely with Anni Sennov, travelling widely to perform AuraTransformations, train new Aura Mediators and to give lectures. To contact Berit, learn more about AuraTransformation, and be kept informed of future events in the UK, email or visit


Sander Hiire is an Aura Mediator, teacher of South Korean energy exercises, photographer and filmmaker. He lives in Estonia, and can be contacted at 


Aura artwork © Good Adventures Publishing/Anni and Carsten Sennov.

Anni Sennov’s book Crystal Children, Indigo Children and Adults of the Future is required reading before having an AuraTransformation. It is available from


Tony Bell is a writer with a long-standing interest in alternative medicine and spirituality. He hosts 'The Alternative Show'  ( on Brighton and Hove Community Radio, and is working on his first novel.


Thanks to Violet Hill Studios in London ( for their generous provision of facilities, and Brighton and Hove Community Radio ( for the loan of recording equipment.

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