Are your chakras a link to The Divine?

Connect to the Divine

Are your chakras a link to The Divine?

Josephine Chia puts the case for awakening these centres of energy

Your chakras are the portals or gateways through which you can connect to The Divine. The Divine is not an enforced concept. You can view The Divine in the mode you are comfortable with. There is no contradiction whether you view The Divine as a personal God or a benevolent universal spirit. Contradictions in different religions tend to pertain to tenets of worship rather than spiritual truths. It is the expression of a life lived in harmony with Divine principles that counts.

The Sanskrit word, chakra, was once the vocabulary of the esoteric few, mostly in the East. Today the word is bandied about with ease and regularity in the West. Most of us have heard of them and may be aware that there are seven major chakras that are related to the physical human body and that they are associated with the Serpent or Kundalini energy. However, perhaps not many know how we can key in to the energy of the chakras on a day-to-day basis or that they can connect us to The Divine.

X-HEAD: Sensing your chakras

According to yogic philosophy and science, there are numerous chakras in existence, major as well as minor ones. Chakras exist in the etheric body and so are not visible to the physical eye or to scientific explorations. This does not mean that they do not exist. At one stage of our human development, we did not know about, nor could we ascertain, the existence of radio waves or electricity. We discovered these things later, not because they suddenly appeared but because our instruments and mode of exploration became more sophisticated.

To perceive the presence of chakras require us to hone our degree of sensitivity to what is taking place within ourselves. This sensitivity is not reserved for the mystics and healers – all of us have the ability to develop such awareness. Some people can sense electricity passing if they hold their hands over the wires, others not. The pranic energy of the chakras is the electricity of our body. You simply need to become attuned to its rhythm and flow. Spiritual healers have the capacity to feel and direct such energy. In buildings, electricity is channelled through electrical wires. In our etheric body, pranic electricity is channelled through conduits the Indians call nadis and the Chinese call meridians. Acupuncture, reiki and yoga make use of the flow of prana or chi for healing purposes by stimulating the energy nodes or points. Like all skills, in order for us to master any, we need to practise the appropriate techniques that will allow us mastery.

You do not need to believe in anything before you start. Becoming aware of your chakras is not based on faith or what someone else tells you to believe in. As the contact points of the chakras are within our physical body, the process of discovering your own chakras is a journey to your own self and to your own healing. Amazingly, although the chakras were perceived by Indian sages and gurus many millennia before the scientific discovery of our endocrine system, we now know that the chakras have a profound effect on our endocrine organs and the way they stimulate the associated hormones to be secreted. Therefore, in understanding the workings of the chakras, we can influence the effectiveness of hormone secretion towards better health. As the majority of yogic techniques involve generating healthy breathing patterns, our tissues, cells and organs will be revitalised, our blood will be fresh and circulation improved, our muscles and bones will be strengthened.

X-HEAD: All-encompassing Health

Not only do we affect our physical health when we begin to grasp the skill of regulating our chakras, we are also in a position to influence our emotional and mental health. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines good health as all-encompassing i.e, physical, emotional and mental health. In yoga, this conglomerate of physical+emotional+mental bodies is called the sharira (denoted henceforth as The Body). So the effects of Hatha yoga is thus not limited to the physical body but is communicated throughout The Body. Each of the seven chakras are related to the emotional issues connected to the part of the body where it is located, for example, the Muladhara chakra or Root chakra is related to issues of your sense of identity, who you are, how you interact with others and how you are perceived by others. By knowing what is binding you to emotional stress, pain and hurt, you can abandon limiting behavioural traits that lock you to your past. Through this gradual process of unfolding, physical, emotional and mental stress will be eliminated and you’ll become more relaxed, peaceful and joyful. Chakra awakenings are gentle and comfortable. In Kundalini awakening, the singular Serpent energy that lies in our pelvic basin, called the Kunda, can be forced to rise and can be traumatic, therefore the latter must be done under expert guidance.

In yogic philosophy, the light of our True Self and thus The Divine is obscured by the different bodies or sheaths. As light has a vibrational index, the slower the vibration, the denser is the material that forms. Therefore our physical body or the Annamaya Kosha is the densest sheath which acts like a thick lampshade over our Spiritual Light. The process of yoga is thus to clear up these lampshades so that the Spiritual Light can be let through. Chakras exist in the next level of body, the Pranamaya Kosha or Etheric Body. It is through this particular kosha or sheath that we can begin to learn how to navigate in subtler realms and the chakras are our first gateways. In learning how to key into the vibrations of the subtler realms, we can then key into the vibrational frequency of The Divine.

X-HEAD: Tuning In

If you are not an expert Morse Code reader or interpreter, you might say that bleeps and dots of Morse messages do not make any sense. Or, in modern parlance, if you don’t know computer language, you will be unable to understand its software. It is that basic. Therefore if you want to understand The Divine, you need to understand its language as such. People who claim that they know The Divine does not exist are similar to people who can’t read Morse Code – they’re not in a position to make an educated comment. If you go to Malaya and you can’t speak Malay, you can’t communicate with the Malays who can’t speak English or your language. Learning to communicate with The Divine is like communicating to someone with a different language, you need to learn the appropriate language. In this instance, it is not a verbal language but a language that pertains to frequency. If you want to get World BBC Radio, it will be futile if you tune in to your local radio station’s wave band. Learning to navigate in the subtler realms will allow you access to the frequency of The Divine, it is not that mystical. You don’t need any religion to tell you what The Divine is, you can perceive it for yourself.

X-HEAD: Estrangement

Your connection to The Divine is your birthright. However, a traumatic birth or a life lived only in The Body estranges you from your Soul and from The Divine. This is a disconnection from your spiritual self that tends to anchor you strongly in the physical self. Instead of identifying yourself as Spirit, you begin to identify yourself only as your body and mind i.e, the sharira. It is this mistaken identification that causes most of our grief because the operating or ego personality becomes dominant. Unlike the Spirit, The Body is subject to change in the temporal world. If we identify ourselves with our body then we become concerned when wrinkles appear, when we’re not the shape and size of this year’s model figure or when others stick pejorative labels on our personality.

Clearing up your chakras and the various lampshades that hide your Light will provide you with a truer perspective of who you really are. Each time you navigate the subtler realms, you will become more capable of doing so. In the process, you will tap into your creative and intuitive powers that will invariably link you back to your Soul. Once you’ve seen yourself as a Soul, you will not find it difficult to work towards being aligned to the vibration of The Divine.

The connection to The Divine means that you will live your life in the highest possible state, i.e., being in harmony with yourself and with The Divine. It will mean that you will not squander your life in useless pursuits that take you away from your Soul’s purpose. Only when you are in tune to this wonderful vibration can you experience true joy and everlasting peace and be at your creative best, doing the things you love. So don’t wait. Make the connection to The Divine!


Josephine Chia’s book Your Body: Gateway to The Divine (O Books, £11.99) will be out this Summer. Visit for more information.

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