Are You the Cause or Effect of Your Life?

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By Carol Talbot

Have you ever been a passenger with a taxi driver who seemed determined to run every red light, weave in and out of traffic and wished you had taken your own car or that you were in the driver’s seat? Life and existence is a chain reaction of causes and effects that dates all the way back to the big bang. Everything that happens was caused by what happened before, and is the effect for what will happen next. The beauty about being a human is, we have a brain, we have consciousness, we have free will, and we can choose how to respond to any given circumstance.

‘Cause and Effect’ appears to be a law of the universe. It says that whenever something happens it was caused by something else happening before it. This is a very useful way of thinking about the physical world because, once we understand what causes things to happen, we can start to control what happens. For instance, one morning your car won’t start, the battery is flat, and that is what is causing the car not to start. So you recharge or replace your battery and lo and behold, it starts. Great.

The important thing about this is to decipher whether you think of yourself as being on the cause side of the equation or on the effect side.

You are on the effect side of the equation if you are saying things like…
• I’m just unlucky
• It’s not my fault I lost my job
• They hurt me by cheating on me

You are on the cause side of the equation if you if you are saying things like….
• I choose to be happy
• How have I created this situation and what can I do about it
• What part have I played in creating this situation

When life is flowing along nicely it is easy to take responsibility and say Wow! I created all of this. However, when the road gets rocky it’s more challenging to admit, hmm, I created this too! Most people do not want to acknowledge responsibility for their life, their story and what is not working in their life. For as long as they hold onto their story of being a victim or it’s not my fault, it will continue to create a ripple effect across all areas of their life.

The human urge is to grow, learn and evolve and we create opportunities in our lives that offer us the opportunity to do so, however it is often through what many would perceive as a negative experience that we are gifted with the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our power as creators.

Turning yourself from ‘Effect’ to ‘Cause’
I’m stuck in a job that I don’t like.
Ask yourself how did I create this?

My partner is never home and I feel unloved.
Ask yourself, how do I choose to feel unloved?

I’m going through a major life crisis.
Ask yourself, ‘how am I creating this,’ and more importantly ‘for what purpose have I created this crisis, how does it serve me?’.

We are consciously and unconsciously creating our lives as we go along by what we choose to pay attention to, how we choose to interpret what we experience, how we choose to feel about that interpretation – our state – and how we choose to act as a result. Once you realise you are creating your life as you go along, it gives you the power to change. You can choose to pay attention to different things, you can choose to interpret your experiences differently, you can choose to feel differently and you can choose how to act differently.

It’s time to jump back into the driver’s seat of your life and choose where you want to head. Remember, sometimes you will pick up well-behaved passengers and sometimes they will be noisy and unruly. The passengers are your thoughts and feelings and at times they may be rude, shouting things like you’re a bad driver, you have no idea where you are heading or hurry up! If you are ready to put both hands on the steering wheel, then it is possible to reclaim your personal power and create a different ripple effect into your world!

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About the author: Carol Talbot, author of Amazon International Best-seller, YOU The Divine Genius, is a Professional Speaker, sought-after by organisations and individuals seeking a learning consultant, thought-partner, and keynote speaker with a difference. Carol combines the edginess of systems such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Fire Walking with the coal face of business and life. Whether one-on-one or to an audience of thousands, Carol has helped individuals and teams worldwide ignite their creativity and greatness for more than two decades.

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