Are there Signs that Someone is your True Soul Mate?

Joanne Hunt from Kindred Spirit talks to Catherine Tennant, astrologer to the UK Daily Telegraph for twenty years, about soul mates, love, compatibility, real personalized astrology, and her ground-breaking new web site, Interactive Stars.

KS: Do you believe astrology can help us have more meaningful, fulfilling relationships, or even help us find our destined partner?

CT: Yes, I do.  And I think many people only discover the value of real, in-depth astrology because they’re trying to understand exactly what is happening in a close relationship or friendship. In fact, that’s what first led me to astrology myself. Our close relationships are vitally important to our sense of self and our well-being – but, as we all know, it can be hard at times to figure out what’s going on, or to see the way ahead.

KS: So do you believe that we all have a soul mate somewhere?

CT: I actually think it’s possible to have more than one, although there’s no guarantee we’ll meet all of them in this life time!  Also, because everyone is different, and all relationships are different, too, we can have different kinds of soul mate bonds with different people.

KS:  What are the main indications that there is something special, or fated, about a relationship?

CT:  The nodes of the moon, which mark the moon’s path through the heavens, are all about destiny – and if there are links between one person’s planets and the moon’s nodes in the other person’s chart, that always points to  a soul connection, and often there’s a sense that they are very familiar, that you’ve know them before.  

Neptune, the planet of telepathy and intuition, is often involved as well – in fact, when any of the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune, or the passionate, all-or-nothing planet, Pluto – are involved it usually indicates that there’s a spiritual dimension – that it’s an important soul bond that’s to do with our soul’s evolution.

KS:  Do you feel that all relationships can help us to evolve spiritually?

CT:  Well, not all of them, perhaps, but real soul mate bonds involve us on such a deep level that we are often truly changed by them.  They challenge us to change and grow, and to find our real life’s path.

KS: Can astrology show how, and when, a relationship will change?

CT: Yes, I think it often can, and that’s what interests me the most.  We tend to think that either we’re compatible with someone, or we’re not – that it’s cast in stone – but even if it’s not a soul mate bond, a relationship is always changing, often on a daily basis.  We all know that sometimes, we need extra space, or may just want to spend a peaceful and relaxing time together.  Other times, there’s a more passionate, or adventurous, connection.

By tracking the planets as they travel through the skies each day, and looking for the different ways that they effect two people’s natal charts, we can get a good idea of how a certain situation may unfold, and of when to show our feelings, or hold back.

KS: Can people check the daily changes in their close relationships on your new web site, Interactive Stars?

CT:  Yes, they can keep track of how the planets are affecting their relationships in real time – their forecast changes at the exact moment that the planets realign with their birth charts.  You can also down load my compatibility – and soul mate – reports instantly on line, but the live compatibility updates show the way the bond between two people is unfolding.  To my knowledge, it’s the only web site offering that.

KS: Once again, Catherine, let me thank you and Peter for generously providing the most popular prizes for our Facebook page’s Advent celebration that we’ve ever had! Feedback has been tremendous. 

Click here to visit Catherine’s new web site, Interactive Stars


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