Arcana Essence and The Power of Intention


By Avril Price

I have been invaded! Not by visitors or stray dogs or young children but by a multitude of glass bottles all shining and twinkling and waiting to be stroked, admired and most of all smelled! They are everywhere, entities in their own right and very much alive and very welcome they are too….

Belinda Ferrari (my Aromatherapist colleaugue) and I took the key elements from 7 of the major arcana cards, Sun, Fool, Magician, Lovers, Hermit, Hierophant and High Priestess and married them to relevant therapeutic essential oils. They are hand blended and lovingly created, all sewn together by incantations petitioning for peace, happiness and fulfilment and not forgetting manifestation for the greatest good.

I have to say that the sprays are becoming a fascination, they are acquiring a life of their own and like anything in life their potency depends on a relationship. One which will ultimately bring happiness and empowerment.
There are several esoteric books that list perfumes and spices to procure an assimilation to one of the archetypes. This was not our aim. I think we are all Magicians and given the right circumstances we can all create a life that nurtures and offers potential.

The oils are specifically chosen to create the right atmosphere to bring the Tarot archetype to life, not only that but the perfume connects to the aura and light bodies. The light bodies play an important part in making things happen in the physical.

The astral body is where inspiration and ideas gather the nuts and bolts ready to become physical and the etheric body is the one which experiences the results of this before the physical body merges with the event of becoming.
Tarot in a bottle is for everyone not just the fully affiliated mystic, yes they can be included in your spiritual tool box but they are also to assist in the process of visualisation and making a space that is peaceful and happy.

How to use them
Start with the crown centre at the top of the head, this is the portal for inspiration, allow the sprayed mist to settle around you.
Set your intention. Then aromatise the space in front of you, step into the space and see your intention as complete.
Tarot meditations are a good way of delving deeper into the dynamic of the card. Choose your Tarot in a bottle. Take the card from your favourite deck. Place it in your zone, your meditation space. Put the Arcana Essence around where you will sit, step into the aroma and allow the energy of the Essence to draw you into the archetype. Take note of what comes up for you, significant realisations and insights occur when working with the aura spray in this way.

The power of intention
Arcana Essence are beautiful to work with, user friendly and uplifting but their real magic lies in what you intend for them to do. They can also be combined together to create desired results.
The thing about intentions they make you stand in your own power and truth.
For example, Lovers is about choices, discernment but a lot of people see this archetype as a relationship card, so can be used to enhance professional or personal relationships or bring a new one into your life. By blending the Lovers with the Magician, you are manifesting the outcome. An affirmation could be, ‘I intend to find the person who is right for me and there will be joy, positivity and peace’ . Of course you can build whatever you think is appropriate into your intention.
The Hermit is useful for guiding us inward, so if you have been struggling with taking time out for reflection then Hermit can put you in the framework to do this. Follow the steps as in a meditation. The High Priestess can work with the Hermit as they are both connected to the inner world.
It is very important to remember to be clear in your intention. From your mouth to God’s ears. What you ask for, you will receive.


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