Angels Guide to Ascension

Many speak of ascension but what does it really mean? By Liesl Duffy

It is the purpose in humans coming to earth. You chose to come here to ascend your spirit to new levels of light & love consciousness. Love is what we are all made up of, all living creatures on earth and on other planets. The highest vibrational frequency is love. You come to earth for soul growth and soul expansion. You come to learn what love really means so that you can truly live a happy life.

LIGHT AND LOVE ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU, BECAUSE YOU ARE LOVE AND LIGHT. There are times when many of you feel lost and low and disappointed and hurt and discouraged. This is part of your soul journey. Even in the darkest of times there is always love & light because all humans are made from love and light. If you remember this one fact it can make life on earth much easier. The more you are able to give and receive love in equal measure the greater happiness you will experience. Why? Because everything, yes everything comes down to love. If you do what you truly love doing in your heart for a job and also for play you will skip through your day.

You also need to get enough rest too. Balance is health. Doing and being need to be balanced equally so that you take action to have a great life, whilst at the same time can reflect and think and also take time to smell the roses as you go along. Ascension is not a race; it is the process of living your life. Give thanks for all you have every day, see every situation as a growth and learning experience for your soul.

Take the blessings from every situation in your life and take time to really acknowledge and think about what lessons each experience, each relationship has taught you. Then let them go. Do not dwell on the past. It has gone never to return. Focus on NOW. What do you want right now? If you want more happiness then start by noticing nice things that have happened to you today so far.

This is what is referred to as keeping your glass half full. We angels prefer to remind you that your glass of life is always full to the brim with all that you need. You already have what you need. All you have to do is remember why you came here. Every day is a fresh new page, see it as such. Ascension is also meant to be fun. Do that what brings you joy every day. Be kind to yourselves as you go along and do not wish harm to anyone else. Be at peace and remember everything is in divine and perfect order always. You are always free to make a different choice if your heart is not happy where it is at right now. How you feel tells you the truth that is why you always must pay attention to your feelings. They tell you the truth. Do not deny your truth.

Make ascension work for you by:

  • Having more fun, do hobbies, activities that give you much pleasure. Do not seek to harm others in the process.
  • Live your soul purpose by doing work that you truly enjoy and love. If you do not like your work then ask yourselves what do I love doing? This can tell you what your soul purpose is.
  • Remember your soul purpose is not a name or a category but a process of soul growth.
  • If you are having difficulty finding joy or hope right now then write a list of things you have right now that you are grateful for, big and small.
  • Take some time out and ask yourself do I spend my time doing what I love doing? If not why not? It is never too late to make changes at an individual level that can bring you more joy & happiness.

    When you’re laughing the sun comes shining through – from song When You’re Smiling by Larry Shay, Mark Fisher & Joe Goodwin

  • Do not take yourselves too seriously, laughter is joy and joy is the key to attracting new people and situations into your life that are positive.

Even in times of sadness, joy can be found and by expressing it through laughter it is a wonderful way to blow your cares away. You can contact the author, writing to [email protected]


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