Angels and Archangels Week: Connect With Your Angelic Helpers

TaraYogaCentre invites you to join the 12th Annual International Celebration of Angels and Archangels Week, a free programme of activities hosted in their yoga school in London. Yoga teacher Ben Carver gives some insight into how to better connect with your angelic helpers and what to expect from the week.

Angels are everywhere! They are our divine helpers, sustainers and inspirers, helping to integrate everything that exists in the universal harmony. These celestial beings seem to have pervaded human consciousness throughout history and across all cultures which surely hints at some essential reality behind all the different names ascribed to them.

Angels are ultimately practical. In their function of maintaining the harmony in all things, they will support and help any task whose goal is incorporated in that harmony. This means that the more we listen to our inner guidance, which can also have an angelic source, the more we will be aided in achieving our goals. We can experience this as increased synchronicities – apparent coincidences allowing grace to act in our life, where the world around us seems to conspire to make our goals a reality.

Angels are beings of godly love and light, constantly singing the praises of and giving voice to God. Both Mozart and Beethoven attested to the divine source of their music, but we can all tap into this elevated source of inspiration and beauty. All we have to do is ask – exercise our free will to integrate ever more fully in the universal harmony, which will give us an ever increasing sense of our own harmony and happiness. In this way we fulfil our role as human beings by awakening our own divine creative potential – becoming co-creators in the world around us.

Angels are here to help. These channels of pure love, love nothing more than seeing us happy and filled with God’s love. However, this also implies a certain humility in admitting that we are not the beginning and end of everything that occurs in our life. The more we open up to the idea that there is something larger at work, and humbly ask for its help, the more that godly power becomes accessible to us by acting through us. The angelic hierarchies are God’s facilitators in this.

So, no matter how great or small your dreams and aspirations, appealing to your guardian angel or other angels and archangels can have a huge impact, opening the doorway to higher inspiration, love, happiness and the true fulfilment of our life’s mission.

If you would like help in learning how to better connect with your angelic helpers, then come along to Angels and Archangels Week, October 29th to November 5th at TaraYogaCentre. This week includes meditations, presentations, workshops, music, performances, sharing experiences, sound healing session and much more.

About the author: Ben Carver is a yoga teacher at TaraYogaCentre, London. For more information and to check the programme visit TaraYogaCentre website  or contact [email protected]

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