Angelic Reiki

 Co-founder of this powerful modality, Christine Core explains why angelic reiki is the healing for our time


Angelic Reiki is based on what we term ‘The Ancient Wisdom’ which presents a concept of angels quite contrary to the popular one of today. Their depiction as human form with wings was popularized during the European Renaissance of the 14th to 17th centuries by artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael, Bellini, Botticelli, and Fra Angelico. It is only when we can let go of a paradigm which infers that human beings need something more spiritual than they are as the go-between between them and the Divine that we can truly start to embrace the concept of oneness. There really is no hierarchy in spirit.

Angels are the messengers of God as perfect divine archetypes based on love. Their names are a description of their particular message of truth and their shape is the divine geometry of form. An aspect of this primary design can be seen on new age angelic pictures and it is the study of sacred geometry which gives an understanding of the process of creation that leads to such patterns as Metatron’s cube.

Creation is created according to Divine Law. The keepers and perpetrator of that law is the Angelic Kingdom of Light. Beyond anything that we can conceive, they are cosmic vortexes of love and light and power creating form throughout the universe. Their wisdom is divine wisdom, their love is unconditional and their purpose is to fulfil God’s will. Touched by such presence we are touched by Creation itself. Angelic Reiki is the pure joy of working hand in hand with The Angelic Kingdom of Light.


Angelic Reiki is the spiritual progeny of Kevin and Christine Core and as such holds a beautiful balance of male and female energy. We each brought our individual gifts to this healing system with Kevin channelling from Archangel Metatron the format of the healings, cleanses and attunements and my contribution being the nurturing of its growth, preparation for the future and grounding it in a practical and professional way. The energy is now held in over 23 countries around the world.

One of life’s greatest challenges, as we walk our spiritual path, is to ‘Let go and let God.’ It is when we stop taking responsibility and simply allow the Divine to work through us, unquestioning in innocent surrender, that we truly feel the power, beauty and love of the Creator manifesting in our lives. It is the age old challenge of truly being Human Beings not ‘Human Doings.

Angelic Reiki is a living experience of this principle and the word Doing does not fit with its principles and practice. The Master Teacher does not do the attunements. They simply hold the space. In this sacred space each individual’s healing Angel presents itself and facilitates all the attunements. It energetically connects with them and infuses them, touching every cell, molecule and atom of their being. The Angels do the attunements; they are the only ‘doers’ in their role as emissaries of the Divine.

The system uses twelve Reiki symbols. These are given and received in their original Angelic vibration, as they were in the time of Lemuria, untouched and unfettered by human consciousness. The attunements come through the Archangel Ariel and are given with love and grace to be received in Divine order. This is a most beautiful blessing from the entire Angelic Kingdom of Light. In the Master attunement the symbols are activated by the Lord Melchizedek to their universal level. All attunements are preceded by a karmic and ancestral clearing under the auspices of the Archangel Michael.

Another unique aspect of Angelic Reiki is the initiation which takes place in the higher dimensional Angelic Kingdom pyramid of light. This meditation and initiation follows the second and Master attunements and is given by the three highest Archangels: Metatron, Ratziel and Zaphkiel. This is a blessing and endowment of the gifts of the thirty Archangels who are the Angelic collective known as the Mighty Sarim which includes all the Archangels we know and many more.

All Angelic Reiki attunements are facilitated by the Master Teacher exactly as given in the manual, true to the instructions given by the Archangel Metatron. This presents the perfect doorway for the Angels, leaving no room for ego and personality agendas. In Angelic Reiki, we regard the attunement to Master level as an invitation into our own mastery not a qualification to teach others.

Guided by Angels

It is a wonderful experience and privilege to teach an Angelic Reiki workshop. They really do take it out of our hands, everything and everyone being guided by the Angels. They hold the space with their potent Love which calls forth the Will of the Divine, transforming, purifying, enriching and touching everyone. They bring forward our personal spiritual gifts, and align us with our own true Divinity.

The whole process of healing is also given over to the Angelic Kingdom of Light. The Angels can see our beauty, love and divinity. They can see our perfection as we were created by the Divine. In an Angelic Reiki ‘healing,’ the Angels do not come to heal, improve, fix, or help; they come to remind us of the perfection that they can see and that we truly are. Angels are the emanation of the Divine Mind bringing creation through perfect love. They fill the space that the ‘healer’ is holding bringing an infusion of Divine unconditional love: to hold that space is the ‘healers’ only purpose. They do not ‘do’ anything, just ‘be.’ No symbols to chant, visualise or draw and no changing of hand positions. The Angels know more than we can ever know about the perfect energy to bring. The intimate presence of this Angelic energy brings an invitation for us to see ourselves as the Angels see us and answer the call to know in that moment the truth of our own divinity.

There are no conditions issued by the Divine: it loves and accepts us totally as we are and invites us to accept and love ourselves as it does. Why not? The only one who is in the way is you. The struggle and search is over and the only thing in the way is any reluctance to let go and fly.

What to Expect

The full system of four levels includes nine different healing methods. The workshops are presented in a very practical way and include seven or eight healing exchanges with another member of the class. Distance healing is also included. There are four Angelic Reiki attunements each preceded by a deep cleanse and karmic clearing.

Participants also receive profound blessings from the thirty Archangells of ‘The Might Sarim’ in a multi-dimensional meditation. There are a further two attunements to the Angelic Kingdom of Light through colour and the Angelic aspect of the Rays. A link is forged to the gifts of the healing crystals of Atlantis and our Galactic healing team.

Angelic Reiki is not just a healing system; it offers deep spiritual philosophy based on ‘The Ancient Wisdom.’ It also includes a broad base of information on a wide range of subjects. In the professional practitioners’ workshop, valuable information is given enabling the practitioner to understand the process and purpose of the human experience of disease and healing. The ascension process and how it is affecting our physical body and causing strange symptoms is also discussed.

One of the chief purposes of Angelic Reiki is self-healing, supporting us physically and emotionally through the great changes which are being experienced at the moment. The health of the etheric body is a vital component in this process of change. Information on how this process works and a specific healing is given. We are experiencing many physical symptoms that are being caused by our change in consciousness. It is important for a healer to understand when physical symptoms are due to these changes and when they are caused by pathology. This information is covered in the Professional Practitioner’s workshop but is also available in the Angelic Reiki book available from Amazon.

Another very special purpose of Angelic Reiki is to present an understanding of the ‘deathing’ process: what actually happens, how can we prepare for it and especially how can we support others. Death is the greatest initiation and opportunity for healing that we will ever experience. Imagine being able to hold a loved one in the arms of the Angelic Kingdom as they leave this incarnation with such blessings that they can choose to ascend. This happened for Kevin’s grandmother and is a service which can also be given for anyone who died some years ago. Supporting someone through death is perhaps the greatest service we can give and is why it was such a major part of Egyptian, Greek and Tibetan culture. Dying is part of life and we have forgotten how to do it in a graceful and uplifting way.

Find out more

Christine’s book Angelic Reiki, The Healing for Our Time is available from the web site where there is a full downloadable article on Death and Dying. There is also information and further articles on the international web site and on the UK site

A list of the differences between Angelic Reiki and Usui Reiki can be found on the UK web site Christine can be contacted on


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