Angel Healing & Alchemy


How to Begin: Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray includes Camael- one of the Sacred Seven.

Angela McGerr’s course-in-a-book teaches you how to begin changing your life through a complete process of Angel Healing & Alchemy. What exactly is this, and how can you begin?

Angel Healing and Alchemy is about transmutation of your Mind, Body and Spirit into something finer than before whilst restoring peace, balance and harmony to all aspects of self.

Learning and discovering how to release them is an important part of this process.

Filled with unconditional love, angels have been assigned to help mankind with this transmutation. They are always with us waiting for us to ‘ask for help’ as they cannot interfere with our free will, without our invitation. Their role is to support us in achieving physical and spiritual alchemy centered within the eye of the heart. However, this takes commitment, as there are no quick fixes here!

Take this opportunity to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to make significant changes in your life?
  • Are you seeking more inner peace, and confidence?
  • Or do you need support with healing emotional wounds?

If your heart is saying yes to these three questions, well, there is no is no time like the present. Six is a number of healing and wholeness. Below is six-point plan that will help to get you started so that you can expand into your own limitless potential.

A Six Point Plan to follow:

  • Establish what it is you need to heal/transform in self or life

This first step requires you to be really honest with yourself and commit to working through this issue or area in your life. Perhaps you are experiencing a difficult time in your life and need support in overcoming challenges or feeling more secure. Maybe you want help with building self-confidence? Do you need more abundance?

  • Which attributes of the Sacred Seven meets your need?

Each of the Sacred Seven Rulers of the Weekdays brings something special to support us. Decide which of their qualities you feel you need support with in your life.

  • Clarify the issue you need help or guidance with

Let’s say, for example, you have an issue with forgiveness. Are you holding on to old feelings old grudges, old hurts, old guilt, self-criticism for what you did or didn’t do? Do hold feelings of regret or anger or bitterness towards someone or even yourself? Are you willing to acknowledge that you may have hurt others as well as being hurt? Would you consider asking for forgiveness if you have knowingly hurt another?

  • Identify which angel can help you: The Key Qualities for each of the Sacred Seven are:

Gabriel            Hopes, dreams, aspirations, intuition, feminine energy balance

Camael           Courage, confidence, justice, security, energy, forgiveness

Michael           Strength, protection, truth, communication, patience, calmness

Zadkiel            Abundance, wisdom, kindness, integrity, humility

Haniel              Love, especially including of self, beauty, joy, compassion without judgement

Cassiel            Overcoming challenge, peace, harmony, serenity
Raphael           Energy healing and knowledge, decisions, Masculine energy balance

  • Camael is the angel who would support you with this particular issue

Camael is helps us with forgiveness of others and ourselves. Holding on to unacknowledged hurts and disappointments long enough ultimately creates emotional blocks negatively affecting all aspects of life. Camael supports you with the courage to forgive releasing the grip on your heart so can you focus on the positive parts of your life. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you deny the other person’s responsibility for hurting you, nor does it minimize or justify their actions.

If a challenging situation around forgiveness arises, invoke Camael and his associated Creation Red rays to help with courage and strength in those moments to remain centered in your heart. Practicing forgiveness is a key step towards inner peace, personal empowerment, whilst opening your heart to compassion, kindness, beauty and love.

  • You can learn how to work fully with Camael in his chapter (five) of the book. But you can begin here and now with a daily Affirmation with Camael if you really put energy into it, this gets you started on life-transformation. You can build on this by practicing the exercises below:
  1. a) An Affirmation daily

Example:  Camael, Camael, Camael, please be with me now to help me forgive (name of person). With your help I send love to (name of person) and I release myself from all negative association. Fill my heart with Light. I am now empowered to move forward in my life.

  1. b) Choose a meditation or visualization (you will find lots of these in Angela’s book)
  1. c) Work hard with Creation Red, and when you have found that forgiveness, and brought it from root chakra to heart, you will see in heart that the red slowly changes to a more magenta shade as your heart opens/re-opens as a flower. This is because in forgiving you added Blue of Truth (Michael’s colour), and as the angels always remind us, Love: Love is the Key.

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