Angel Dust by Wendy Jane Erlick

Brunswick Square near to The Coram Fields and the Foundling Museum in London is a favourite place of mine. It is here that the work of the Coram Trust takes place. The Coram Trust links adoptive parents with adoptive children.

The Coram Fields and The Foundling Museum with a combined energy of suffering, sacrifice, hope and joy feel to me to be a sacred place. On one visit, I heard and sensed many angels and smelt heavenly perfume. On that day I thought that I was in the holiest place in the whole of London.   My personal Angel, Celestial Bell (CB) gave the following insight:

‘‘The area of which you speak (Coram Fields) is holier than you can imagine. It is a vortex of assistance and reaches the highest vibration.   The energy may be hard to hold, access it most carefully’’.

Naturally I went back to Brunswick Square often. On this day I received a different type of message, which was pertinent none-the- less. It was early march 2015 and I was six weeks away from finishing my book and returning back home to Totnes in Devon. Of course and with reason I was feeling proud of myself. I fell to musing: I though how amazing it would be if I could take a photo of an Angel and include it my book. So I found myself a park bench underneath a tree; sat down and I started to speak to the Angels of Brunswick Square in my head; ‘Look, I have done loads of work and been very true to you. Surely you couldn’t begrudge me one photo with you in it; it would be amazing!’

I screwed up my eyes tightly; perhaps if I looked hard enough I could see Angels in the patterns of the branches; I looked at the shape of the tree trunk; was there not an Angel sitting at its foot? Suddenly there was some action; pieces of white matter were floating down from heaven and falling about me. How wonderful was that! I tilted my head; looking upwards; more pieces of white drifted down. Ah, what could I see? Something soft and fluffy. The wing of an Angel perhaps? Well No! What I glimpsed was soft and furry; the gentle outline of a grey squirrel eating its lunch of peanuts.

Far from being anointed with angel feathers I was the lucky recipient of the peanut husks that it was throwing down from the tree. I watched as with infinite grace the squirrel then sped back down to the ground; Quivering with life it seemed to me to be a miracle encapsulated. Then unbidden Angels appeared on the edge of my vision; I was given a stern and dignified message: ‘we are there when you have true need of us; not at your whim! Focus’

I picked up my bag and left Brunswick Square. I went back to my work.

I finished editing  the book.

I went back home.

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