Author John Awen on his latest book Ancestors.

It Is a natural human trait to be curious, to wonder and to want to know just how we have arrived at this point in time. The families we have and know will often speak of deceased relatives, some recent and some not. From an early age we build up a very vague picture of those who we are and have been related to, even though many of those beings are nothing more than a whisper and remain in the annals of a time forgotten.

From almost forgotten relatives and people whose images we have never seen, our history used to be built upon those who were living, yet as we grow, we become aware that our lineage is far greater and vaster than we could have ever comprehended at such a young age.

Nowadays the infinite jigsaw of our lives and who played a part within it, all culminating and leading to this point now can slowly be built, as we can venture, should we choose to, in searching and stripping back the various branches and boughs which form our own family trees.

The sources of information available to us now is incredible, should we seek to go on the quest of Ancestry, the work is, for the most part already done for us, we just have to pay a nominal fee and sign up for any one of the multiple Ancestry and Heritage sites that adorn the online pages.

Once we start researching and delving into and through just who we are and how we came into being, the information we can access is amazing, names and faces spring up, documents recorded charting the multiple births, marriages and deaths that have inevitably occurred throughout history start to build an almost vague image. From this point, we can start to record and see how each branch of our family tree has started growing, lengthening over the years and then from this, other branches have sprung and started to grow.

We are living in the very best of times now and the information that is easily accessible and available to the majority of us around the world is truly humbling. Surprises await, there may well be shocks as well, yet as we strip back the smaller branches slowly uncovering the many twisted boughs of Ancestry, we can keep looking and with accurate details recorded through the aeons of time, we can reach the proverbial trunk of our own family tree.

Names and faces never seen before, striking resemblances to ourselves maybe, characteristics that have stayed within the family for many generations, career choices that had no explanations, these and many other likenesses and traits can be mirrored through the past and passed onto who we are now and can be easily recognised.

An infinite amount of precious souls and deceased beings have all contributed and, however small their part may seem now, we must not forget any one of them, for without each individual carefully stitching their part into and through the tapestry of our Ancestry, we simply would not and could not be standing here now and enjoying the enriched lives that we have.

The tapestry of the journey our Ancestors undertook is there now and it is up to us to enjoy, to wonder at and to carefully unpick strand by strand, person by person and branch by branch, all of which will lead and transport us back many decades, hundreds of years even and in doing this, we are effectively thanking and gifting life once again into each precious soul who has played a part in creating this moment in time.

We are all very blessed to be here. To be enjoying the wonderful lives which we have and to be at this moment in time now is incredible. Let your inner curiosity take over, delve into the past and let those most ancient of souls feel the light again as we unravel their past, which in turn has become our past and is forever our future.

To deny our history is to deny ourselves.

About the author:  John Awen is an a writer and author of four books.  Find more information about the author and the book on John’s  website.




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