An Introduction to Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a complementary, drug-free, non-invasive holistic form of therapy that uses gentle touches to encourage the body to actively engage its own healing ability.

The Bowen Technique was originally founded (and named) by Tom Bowen (1916 – 1982), born in Brunswick, Australia. Tom started off treating injuries, aches and pains to those he knew locally. In the 1960’s he opened his own clinic and developed the therapy.

BTPA – Bowen Therapy Professional Association – is an organisation of over 300 Bowen Therapists, trained and accredited at BTPA-approved establishments, with certifications in Anatomy, Physiology and First Aid. Each therapist has professional insurance and consistently undergoes continuing professional development (CPD).

‘Since beginning with Bowen I have now been able to go outside without constantly worrying about my hay fever.’– Hay fever sufferer

The Bowen Technique is applied using the fingers and thumbs to make small, rolling movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues at precise points on the body, using appropriated pressure for that individual.

Rather than ‘making’ the body change, Bowen ‘asks’ the body to recognise and make the changes it requires.

BTPA Bowen 3 in 1 image

During a therapy session, between each set of moves the body is allowed to rest for a few minutes, to allow the body to absorb the new information it has received and initiates the body’s own healing process.

Each session lasts between 30 – 60 minutes, with short term symptoms usually requiring 1 – 3 Bowen treatments and long term symptoms possibly needing more.

Bowen Therapy has been known to treat a wide variety of symptoms, to include: muscular and skeletal pains, headaches and migraines, arthritis, hormonal, pregnancy and fertility issues and symptoms relating to MS, Parkinson’s and ME. Suitable for all the all ages and genders. Bowen Therapy is taught and practiced internationally, and can be of assistance in many physical injuries and emotional stress concerns. Bowen not only helps the recipient by easing both pain and anxiety, but aids the famous, the technique being a favourite of Bear Grylls, James Ellison, Kylie Minogue and Elle Macpherson.

A sufferer with back pain was unable to move and confined to her bed, with movement only possible with the help of her husband who was caring for her. After receiving Bowen treatment she had immediate pain relief from the first session, with the subsequent sessions bringing the lady back to full functionality. She says she’s now a ‘Happy bunny!!’.

‘I have had many alternative treatments, but feel Bowen to be the most beneficial.’- Lower back pain sufferer.

Bowen can also play role in helping to alleviate allergies, and particularly in the summer – Hay fever.

Your immune system thinks it has come into contact with a harmful agent, meaning it overreacts and produces immunoglobulins which release the chemicals that irritate your nose, throat and eyes.

The massage acts as lymphatic drainage which helps with the breathing and sensory difficulties associated with hay fever.

This can then reduce the need for medications and can allow the hay fever sufferer to venture outdoors without the worry of allergy symptoms.

Since beginning Bowen I have now been able to go outside without constantly worrying about my hay fever. I used to have to take two tablets, nasal spray and eye drops. I now hardly have to take any of the medication and most of the time it’s like my hay fever never existed.’

Bowen is the ideal therapy for children, all ages, due to the gentle nature of the technique. Symptoms that have responded well to Bowen Therapy include: autism, asthma, stress, headaches and growing pains.

Benefits may include: better concentration, improved sleep and a general wellbeing of happiness. All children under the age of 16 years are required to have the child’s parent or guardian with them at all times during the therapy.

There is a dedicated Facebook Page for the Children’s Clinic where up-to-date information can be found – along with more information from the BTPA website’s Children’s Clinic section.

Tom Bowen used Bowen Therapy on animals, most notably horses and dogs, and following this example many practitioners today are trained in Canine or Equine Bowen Therapy.

There are a wide range of Bowen therapists and clinics all over the UK. Your nearest therapist can be easily found from the BTPA website – Find A Therapist.

To have a chat with a Bowen Therapist, in the first instance, the BTPA can be contacted via Telephone: 0844 561 7173 /via Email: [email protected]

The BTPA website contains a variety of information about Bowen Therapy and the amazing benefits from this technique.


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