An Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing

mindful dressing

By Jules Standish

Entering January is a time to make resolutions, planning to make the year ahead a prosperous and progressive one. 2017 in numerological terms is a 1 year of new beginnings, having been released from 2016 the year of endings and completions.  How wonderful would it be if every day this coming year you could feel happy, calm and in control simply by choosing the right colours to wear?  Well now it’s possible.

This new approach to looking younger and feeling more confident is a development of “Mindfulness” which weaves together the physiological and neurological impact that wearing colours can have. Colours can make you radiate with happiness having a beneficial effect on your emotions because you absorb colour through your eyes and skin, triggering responses in the brain that cause the hypothalamus gland to release “feel good” hormones. When you are happy and successful your brain releases dopamine giving you that warm, feel good buzz that we all crave and need.

Mindfulness is about coping with stress and anxiety, feeling happier and more contented using the senses to engage with the present, by choosing colours to enhance a sense of well-being; do you want to feel calm and composed, energized and confident, or do you need to boost your immune system to feel healthier? Maybe you are dealing with an emotionally challenging situation or need to make big changes like getting a new job or finding a partner?  Take control and choose colours that can transform your life. Let’s take a brief look at how they can help you this year.

If you are feeling stressed out after the excesses of Christmas then wear some calming blue!  This cool colour releases oxytocin a hormone that relaxes the nervous system.  Get some peace into your life this New Year by wearing shades of blue that suit you and wear it to enhance all forms of communication with loved ones and at work.

Red is sexy and romantic and if you are looking for love this year then wear it in abundance! Red will physically give you a boost too, as it releases the hormone adrenaline, and will give you lots of extra energy to embrace a new job, or any new challenge in 2017.

If you are feeling run down after the Christmas festivities or fighting off a winter bug then wear some Green it is a natural balancer and a great colour to keep you fit and well going into the New Year as it aides in strengthening the immune system.  It also helps with any big decisions you may be facing by finding some clarity to move forward.

Would you like some extra confidence in 2017 to grab opportunities that come your way and feel more positive about the year ahead? Then choose Orange a joyous and sociable colour which also liberates emotions and disperses fears and helps with tiredness and depression.  It is a great colour to soothe digestive issues caused by overeating at Christmas too.

If you feel fearful about any new enterprises coming your way this year then embrace Yellow the colour of joy and sunlight.  Wearing this cheerful, uplifting colour will help you to get in touch with your special individual abilities so gaining a sense of self-belief and hope to allow yourself to move forward in an optimistic way.

For some well needed New Year inspiration then put on a shade of beautiful Purple! Make your visions a reality and go travelling, heal that broken relationship, take up a satisfying hobby or choose a new profession.  Purple will help to instil strength and stability to connect to your deepest nature.

For anyone feeling the need to spread some unconditional love and compassion this coming year in mindful-dressing-coveryour immediate environment or on a bigger scale then choose to wear Pink – it’s feminine qualities help to spread compassion and a is great way to start off 2017.

Jules Standish’s new book The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing reveals the secrets of how to be calm in a frantic world and how to use colours in your wardrobe for ultimate well-being and success.



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