5 Steps To Finding Happiness

Most people love to talk about other people’s challenges, problems and help look for solutions and some kind of order. But interestingly, when they are put on the spot they can’t actually put their finger on what their own problem is. They think they have a problem but, when they are tested (poked with a stick), there is no problem.

For a simple Balinese Healer that I met and trained with, there is a simple order to life …

  1. Health

Health is about being whole and well. We have been gifted with a vessel, our body, that can do so many wonderful things. It carries our soul. We simply cannot live without our body. It is our temple; this means we should nourish it, nurture it, connect the 5 senses through the 5 elements – eat good food, get some exercise, breathe fresh air and move that body around.

I do my best to live a healthy lifestyle. I’m not perfect but when I feel my body is out of whack and needs a pick me up, I focus more on eating wholesome food with plenty of greens and drinking healthy juices. I read wellness blogs to help inspire me. I love nature and am fortunate enough to be sandwiched between the mountains and an ocean. I absolutely love my cup of coffee, I rest when I need to and I practice yoga when I can. It makes me feel happy inside and gives me the clarity and a clear channel to ‘hear’ my soul.

I understand we all have busy lifestyles, but we can take time out to go to the park and sit amongst the trees or lakes and even have a gentle stretch in the morning to connect. Take a walk to work, switch your phone on silent, sit at your desk and just breathe.

  1. Work

Being healthy, fit and strong allows you the energy of finding work. Work that fulfils us is the challenge for most people. Start with something you love to do and allow it to grow in its own time. Find something you love to do and work will seem like a purpose, mission and part of your life. It gives you opportunities to shine, to connect.

I work in the wellness industry and am of service to others. Everyday I make a conscious effort go out, meet and speak to different people. Not only does this make my day interesting but it also helps me to see reflections in myself.

  1. Money

With work comes money. Whether we like it or not, we need the bucks! Gone are the days when we just exchanged our goods for others’. Money has taken us away from community and reduced our need for others and now we live in a world where, in order to sustain ourselves, we need money to cover our basic needs of food, warmth, clothing and shelter. It’s a necessity and remains an energy exchange.

  1. Choice

With money comes choice – the life you want. A choice is an intention with intelligence. It can also have consequences and be given in the moment, so interact with people you want to interact with – you have the choice. Decide what it is you want and go for it – have no regrets, ignore the what-if’s. Be brave! 

  1. Life

With choice comes life. That’s what we’re here for, right? To live a life, to experience the ups and the downs, to observe and feel as much as we can. Life is beautiful, not because of the things we see or do; life is beautiful because of the people we meet and the experiences we feel. What we see in them is what we see in us – everything is a reflection of you.

  1. Happiness

With life comes happiness. It can ultimately come from within. You can’t buy it. Be around people who make you laugh and make you feel good. Happiness gives you energy; it lifts your soul and creates the energy to do what you love to do. So get out there and find your own personal happiness, do things that make you smile, watch a funny movie, go to see a comedian perform, play with some kids, dance and laugh at yourself. Once you start laughing you start healing – laughter is an awesome transformer. Ultimately happiness comes from being the kind of person you want to be.

So that’s one version of life in a nutshell. It’s a direction we can choose to resonate with or not. It is our own personal journey and it is for us to find out what works for us. I’ve learned to listen and observe and this has helped me find out whom I’m comfortable with. It’s a work in progress for us all.   But we can choose to enjoy the process and see each-step as a new opportunity to experience a new situation to gain wisdom – how awesome is that?


About the Author: After realizing the spiritual gig didn’t really gel with the dance music industry, Sharron Hopley threw herself into travel that led her to working in the wellness industry and a passion for writing. She is now the creator and founder of The Happylicious Way, a portal helping individuals make their first steps into a conscious life. She now lives in the mountains of Austria where she continuously learns how to live in balance and harmony.

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