4 Steps to Becoming Your Own Spiritual Teacher

by George Lizos

Our world is going through a revolutionary spiritual transformation!

Every day more and more people are awakening to their inherent abilities to receive Divine Guidance, and use it to create positive change.

Not long ago spiritual teachers were perceived as something totally holy and otherworldly, drawing thousands of worshippers who depended upon them for support and wisdom. In the last decade, the novelty and exclusivity of spiritual wisdom has waned, and gave rise to a universal, self-empowering approach to spirituality.

I call this The Guru Revolution.

This new spiritual paradigm was popularised by spiritual visionaries in the likes of Gabrielle Bernstein, Marie Forleo, Mastin Kipp, and Kris Carr, who made it their life’s work to provide spiritual seekers with tools and processes that would help them develop their own spiritual gifts, and launch their spiritual businesses.

As a result, there’s now a massive inflow of new spiritual teachers owning their life purpose, honing their message, and sharing it with the world unapologetically.

What I love about this new spirituality is that it promotes true self-empowerment – spiritual guidance is no longer exclusive to the few ‘gifted’, it is available to every single one of us, if we’re willing and open to receiving it.

Use the following 4 steps as guidelines to navigate The Guru Revolution, and become your own spiritual teacher:

  1. Realise You Already Are The Guru: The most important step to becoming your own spiritual teacher is to realise that you already are it. Spirituality is the simple of act of choosing love over fear, and keeping doing it. A spiritual teacher is just someone who’s courageous enough to glean the lessons that arise from these loving choices, and share them with the world. Use this perspective to reframe your perception of what a spiritual teacher is, accept that you already are one, and commit to collecting and sharing life’s lessons.be-the-guru-cover
  1. Strengthen Your Spiritual Muscles: My guitar teacher used to tell me, “When you let go of your guitar it will let you go, too.” The same is true with spirituality. The guru’s work is to keep remembering the love-liness that defines who she is, by having a daily spiritual practice. To do so, pick one or two practices that connect you to your Divine Self, and use them to strengthen your spiritual muscles; daily and deliberately.
  1. Embrace the Relapse: Becoming your own spiritual teacher isn’t about being a saint, and it’s not supposed to be so. You are human, and humanity comes with ego. Rather than judging your ego with more ego, choose to appreciate it for the opportunities it gives you to strengthen your commitment to love. Whenever you relapse back to old limiting habits, acknowledge the relapse, forgive yourself, take the lesson from it, and share it with the world.
  1. Read the Signs: The more you strengthen your spiritual muscles, the more in alignment you’ll be with Spirit, and the easier it’ll be for you to interpret its subtle way of communication. Start paying attention to signs and synchronicities that come up through your day, and notice how they become increasingly apparent the more you commit to your spiritual practice. Look for number repetitions, “random” rendezvous with people and places, and unusual occurrences. As you get more adept to reading the signs, you’ll eventually develop your own, personal system of communicating with Spirit.
George Lizos is one of UK’s youngest Spiritual Life Coaches and the author of Be The Guru: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Your Own Spiritual Teacher. He runs a successful spiritual blog sharing tools to becoming your own spiritual teacher, and features interviews with leading spiritual experts. To learn more about George and his book visit www.georgelizos.com.



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