Staying Calm And Well With Aromatherapy

March 27, 2020

by Love Henri


We all want to stay as well and healthy as we can right now to help protect ourselves, friends and family from any kind of infection. Leading aromatherapist, creator and founder of the popular Love Henri aromatherapy collection says while we should be fully supporting and adhering to all government and NHS advice, nature also has some amazing ways to help boost your immune system this summer!


Breathe it in

Steam inhalations with or without essential oils as the steam kills viruses in our nasal passages – are our first line of defence so vitally important to keep healthy. Add three drops of anti-septic, anti-bacterial thyme and eucalyptus to hot water and steam for three minutes up to three times a day. This is a great at night to promote restful sleep.



As a therapist this comes as second nature to me, and it’s the single most effective measure one can to protect oneself on a daily basis. Soap works just as well as anti-bacterial sprays, just be sure to moisturise hands afterwards to stop skin getting dry and cracked.


Boost it up

Boost, boost, boost your immune system! Ramp up your vitamin C levels which can’t be stored in the body. Whizz up a super green juice including spinach, celery, cucumber, raw garlic, a capful of cider vinegar and teaspoon of honey.


Antibacterial oils

Incorporate germ busting essential oils in your cleaning routine: lemon, thyme and eucalyptus essential oils can all be use on surfaces to clean. Alternatively add a few drops to any of your soaps and cleaning products.


The power of cinnamon

Try adding a few drop of cinnamon essential oil to soap or hand sanitiser, it has powerful anti-microbial properties and smells lovely, too.


Sink into scent seduction

Add a few drops of relaxing essential oils to help soothe you at the end of the day: neroli, orange, lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, ylang ylang are all deeply relaxing and calming. Or try Love Henri Sandalwood Seduction Bath Oil for a tub full of relaxing, fragrant bubbles.


Anti-anxiety aromatherapy

Help keep anxiety levels in check by spritzing relaxing essential oils on your pillow. Lavender and frankincense both help to slow and deepen your breathing, important to keep you calm. Use as a steam inhalation before you go to bed or add a few drops to your pillow. Remember you should NEVER use essential oils undiluted on your skin and that essential oils can stain so drop on to a handkerchief and pop under your pillow if you want to keep bed linen intact.


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Posted by: Leah Russell


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