Bathed in Frequency: Cultivating Energetic Awareness

November 28, 2019

by Peta Morton


As the earth dances along on her journey through the cosmos, so her travels take her into regions in which her energetic environment alters and this in turn has an impact upon everything and everyone who lives upon her. Just as the vibrations of one molecule can disturb the vibrations of another, so too can the subtle vibrations emanating from other celestial objects interact with those of our planetary home.


When we go on a long journey in our car with the radio turned on there are times when we might be listening happily to our favourite station, but then we move into an area in which our program is interrupted by a lot of static. We might need to shift the dial slightly in order to get clear reception. Sometimes we need to leap to a different frequency altogether. There may be times when it becomes impossible to listen to the program that we were originally tuned into, and the only alternative is to make another choice and change stations altogether.

If you are finding there’s a lot of static in your life right now, and the things you were doing before aren’t coming as easily as they did previously, don’t yell in frustration at the radio. All you need to do is turn the dial. Tweak what you’re doing slightly, or find a different station to sing along to. You may find that the new channel is much more varied, interesting and enriching.

A variety of innovative experiments have shown that our cells are primarily driven by signals from the environment or field which surrounds them. The relatively young scientific field of epigenetics has demonstrated that our genes do not control our biology, but instead act as more of a blueprint, not unlike the plan an architect would use to inform the construction of a house. A plan that can be altered by the architect if necessary. Each of our cells have structures which are remarkably like the principal organs in the human body and behave in much the same way as any intelligent human being who is capable of learning. What instigates their responses? How do these cells communicate with one another? How do they coordinate their activity? What defines their role?



Extend your arm out in front of you and wiggle your fingers. Open and close your hand. Now, move your head up and down, then from side to side. How did you just do that? Leaving aside the action of muscles, tendons, ligaments, chemicals etc., what is it that enabled that activity to take place? How did you convey your desire to the relevant component body parts? What happened in the empty space to propel your cells forward to the right location? Was there a person or some weird external force that decided to move your body in that way or was the movement made possible by your own desire? Did you have to think about it long and hard beforehand, or was the movement innate?


Become aware of the energy vibrating throughout your body

There is an old adage that “Where attention goes, energy flows.” It is the mental equivalent of tuning into a specific channel on the radio. Focus all your attention on your index finger. What do you feel? Can you feel the life force energy circulating in your finger? It is often felt as a subtle energy. It is not likely to come and hit you over the head with a great lump of wood to announce its presence, and you will probably not feel like a superman/woman. It is usually, although not always, a discrete sensation. Different people feel vital energy in different ways. You may feel it as a pulsing, a tingle, a prickle or a warmth, or you may notice the blood circulating throughout your finger. Some people will sense it shooting out of the tips of their fingers. For other people it may feel cool, or like a current of air. Others might feel it more as a weight, a change of pressure or a magnetic feeling. There is no single way, no one way that is more right than another. It is a very personal experience and one which is constantly evolving. Grow accustomed to how life force energy feels as it moves throughout your body.

Now bring your attention to the palms of your hands. Can you feel the energy moving there? Try focusing your attention on a different part of your body – the soles of your feet, your stomach, your chest, the middle of your forehead. What do you notice? This is not something new. This vital life force energy has been circulating in your body since before the moment of your birth. It is not a hot-off-the-press phenomenon; it is as natural as breathing, but most people never take the time to notice.

Follow your breath as it flows around your body. Breath can move energy in powerful ways and can amplify, excite or calm it. Don’t try to force or control the energy or your breath as it circulates throughout your body, just allow it to be present and notice the sensations. Does it feel more active in some areas and more sluggish in others? Does it feel buzzy or dense? Does it feel pleasant or uncomfortable? How do you feel right now? Don’t judge, just witness. Be the observer.


Explore the energy between your hands

Place your hands so that your palms are facing each other but not quite touching. How does the air between them feel? You might find it feels warmer or denser, you may sense a change in the air pressure, or you may feel a slight tingle. Move your hands slightly further apart and feel the energy expand between them as if you are growing an imaginary ball. Gradually increase the distance between your hands, maintaining contact with the energy as you do so.

Now hold one hand out, palm upwards. With the middle finger of your other hand trace a pattern on the palm of your hand, without making any physical contact. Can you sense the energy from your finger moving across the palm of your hand? What you are feeling is the electromagnetic fields of your hand and finger, push-pull energies, brushing one against the other.

In yoga, Indian medicine and martial arts the Sanskrit word prana is used to describe the subtle energy that permeates each individual and which underlies the entire cosmos. This cosmic energy comes from three principal sources: the sun, the air and the earth, as well as from secondary sources such as food, plants and water.


Notice the energy in the air

Go outside or move to an open window and fix your eyes upon one point in the sky. It is easiest if you choose a part of the sky that is neither too bright nor too shady. Continue gazing with both eyes in a relaxed and effortless way at the same spot, looking ‘through’ the sky rather than looking at it directly. You are looking with what is often referred to as the ‘third eye’, rather than your physical eyes.

To begin with you will probably start to see the ‘floaters’ on your eyeball: all those little particles of dust and dirt that you have tuned out so that they normally go unnoticed. You will start to become aware of little specks of sparkling white or radiant blue light, not unlike viewing amoebae under a microscope but much brighter. These are particles of prana. You will notice that they appear and disappear randomly in the sky, winking in and out of existence.

If you repeat this exercise in different locations and under different weather conditions you will realise that the amount and vibrancy of the prana changes. On sunny days and in places such as a mountaintop or the coast you will notice that there is more prana in the sky, and it moves more rapidly. On an overcast day or in a city or polluted area it can be harder to see, and there is less prana. It moves more sluggishly.

If you continue to stare vaguely at the sky, you may notice that the sky starts to take on a different coloured tinge, or a rose-pink hue. As you gaze through the sky you may also become aware of a flow of energy or of radiating patterns, like endless interconnected cobwebs wherever you place your attention.

Learn to pay close attention to this benevolent, intelligent, infinite energy. Its cultivation can help us to increase the amount of life force energy available for use, enabling us to become stronger, healthier and more vibrant. We hear this ambient life force energy referred to by many names: qi or chi (pronounced ‘chee’), ki, prana, aether or ether, Great Spirit, mana, quintessence to name but a few. It circulates as a perpetual, ongoing, interconnected and interdependent dynamic energetic process. The vibrations of disturbance in one part of the system can ripple out and cause imbalance throughout the whole system.

When an energetic system is harmonious then the tendency is towards wellbeing and sustainability, but where there is discord, dis-ease, suffering, collapse and breakdown often follow if steps are not taken to bring things back into resonance and balance. This energy may be formless, yet it is the motivating principle of all life through which form is organised and structured. It is the link between spirit and substance. Imperceptible, this indefinable force is what makes the sun shine and the trees and flowers grow. It creates, animates and sustains all living beings.


About the author:

Peta Morton is a reiki and mindfulness teacher and a professional sensitive. Her work, ‘The Geometry of Love’ offers important insights into the nature and mechanics of energies which normally pass unseen and silent. She is the author of Ancient Teachings for Modern Times: the way to a rich and deeply satisfying life, and a regular contributor to SAND (the Science & Nonduality conference).
Following a life-threatening illness, she had a sudden & spontaneous series of profound awakening experiences and has been exploring the mystery of our humanity ever since through sound, music, vibration, light and digital systems. Endlessly curious, she has delved into many types of vibrational medicine, energy psychology, philosophy, earth energies, alchemy, numerology, and astrology in order to reach a deeper understanding of the human condition.
Ancient Teachings for Modern Times: the way to a rich and deeply satisfying life, is published by O-Books, ISBN: 978-1-78904-083-8.

Posted by: Leah Russell


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