2012, What Will Really Happen?


The 21st December 2012 signifies the end of a 26,000-year astronomical period as well as a 260,000-year one. For the first time in the history of our planet, we are undertaking a double transformational leap. The possibilities for spiritual growth are enormous which is why nearly seven billion spirits have been allowed to incarnate for this monumental opportunity. And all the universes, without exception, are watching our progress with wonder and awe.

This date marks the end of the Atlantean era. The experiment of Atlantis was set up 260,000 years ago. It took 10,000 years to plan and prepare and lasted for 240,000 years. Although the landmass collapsed 10,000 years ago we are still within its influence until the end of 2012.

The aim of Atlantis was to see if humans could maintain a physical body, enjoy free will and still keep their connection with Source.

There were many other humans who lived on other continents during that period but they were not part of that particular design. The final and fifth 10,000-year Atlantean period was a controlled experiment and during this time the Golden Age of Atlantis arose and lasted for 1,500 years. This period is the subject of my book Discover Atlantis. The divine vision is to bring back the energy of Golden Atlantis at an even higher level after 2032, this time for the whole world.


A Golden Age

21st December 2012 also signifies the end of a 26,000-year astronomical period and the beginning of a new one. There will be a rare alignment between the earth and the sun on that day. In the past, when such an alignment occurred, because of the low consciousness of humanity, calamities and catastrophes followed. However this time we have an opportunity to create a different and glorious new age – but we are all asked to do our part, for the outcome is not yet assured.

Lady Gaia, the vast Being in charge of Earth, has decreed that Earth and all on her must ascend. That means everyone and everything has to rise in frequency. If we are ready, 2012 could be the start of a wonderful new way of living for all of us.

This date in 2012 marks the start of a new 20-year transition period that takes us to 2032. Then the new Golden Age truly begins. On the winter solstice of 2012 Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are configured to interact. Neptune represents higher spirituality, Pluto transformation and Uranus change. As the energies work together, they will cause a massive impact on the consciousness of the planet. There is potential for a huge shift in frequency – individually and collectively – as long as we use the energy wisely.

The scheduled change is so enormous that the ancient wise ones could not predict what would happen beyond that date.

Beliefs of the ancients

The Mayans called 21st December 2012 ‘Creation Day’, with a prophecy that the energy coming in on that day will activate the kundalini force in individuals and on the planet. The prophecies say that it will stimulate the genetic memories of our past lives and who we truly are and accelerate many into enlightenment and ascension.

They also project that the force of the planetary kundalini will help to activate and realign all the pyramids, which link us to our rightful place in the universe and that this will result in a rebirth of solar consciousness in humanity. The pyramids – Mayan, Egyptian and others – are cosmic computers. They are also generators and substations for universal energy.

The Incas claim that before 2013 an asteroid will activate the purification of Earth.

The Aztecs say that the current sun or ‘ages’ of the world is the fifth one, the end of a 26,000-year period.

Many of the Native American Wise Ones agree that the fifth world starts in 2012.

The Hopi declare that 2012 is the end of an era – that after a 25-year period of purification there will be what they call ‘The Emergence’.

The Cherokee have their own calendar, which ends in 2012. They agree that previous worlds ended in cataclysms and it is possible that this one will too.

The Seneca Indians say there will be a 25-year period of purification up to 2012.

The Maori tradition claims that there will be a lifting of the veils of illusion in 2012 and a merging of the physical and spiritual planes.

African shamans talk of 2012. The Zulus for example have a tale of cataclysm in 2012.

The Egyptian myths indicate that the end of 2012 heralds a planetary shift in consciousness.



The Great Calendar of the Pleiades, which is a cosmic calendar based on the movement of the Pleiades, ends on the 21st December 2012. Currently higher energies coming to Earth from other galaxies are stepped down through the Pleiades. At present many star children remain for a time on the Pleiades, a staging post before incarnation, in order to prepare for the slower frequencies on Earth. After 2012 all such star people will come directly into a physical incarnation without a transformer, and so will carry a higher vibration. They will have to choose a high frequency mother who can accommodate this.

The Tibetan and Jewish calendars indicate that 2012 is the end of long cycle. The Vedas declare that the ascent back to the light starts in 2012. Many Hindus believe that Kalki, considered to be an avatar and the last incarnation of Lord Vishnu, will be fully realized by 2012. If he can enlighten 60,000 people before the winter solstice he can start a wave of enlightenment. If not, we on Earth will miss this extraordinary opportunity.

The Out-breath of Brahma is considered to last 26,000 years. At the end of the out-breath there is a cosmic moment, during which the portals of heaven open. In that silent moment miraculous things can happen, including a transformational leap for humankind.


EXERCISE : Visualization to call in the Wise Elders

1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.

2. If you can, light a candle or play gentle, relaxing music.

3. Take a few moments to breathe yourself into a comfortably relaxed space.

4. Visualize yourself sitting under an ancient tree as the sun is setting.

5. Call in the wise elders from different cultures. Honour them as they arrive.

6. Ask questions or listen to them communicating with each other.

7. Feel the energy of their wisdom and deep connection with the planet.

8. Know that non-linear time has passed as you watch the sun beginning to rise on a new day.

9. Thank the elders as they leave your space.

10. Open your eyes knowing that the new is starting for you.


The 25 year period of purification

Nearly all the wise ancients included in their prophecies the fact that a 25 year period of purification would take place before 2012. Quetzalcoatl made a prophecy called the 13 heavens and nine hells. He declared that, after the hell cycle ended on 16th August 1987 there would be a period of peace.

A planetary alignment known as the Harmonic Convergence occurred on 17th August 1987, 25 years before 2012. Thousands of lightworkers went to hilltops or sacred places on that day to pray or meditate for love and peace on Earth.

For me the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was a magical time. The sunrise was the most awesome I have ever experienced, not so much for its brilliant orange beauty but for its majesty and energy. There were three of us who meditated together on a hilltop and we knew something had changed on the planet.

As a result of all the prayers and celebrations on that day, St Germain went to Source to intercede for humanity. He accessed the Violet Flame of Transmutation for the use of everyone, not just for the few who could use it up to that time. That is when the purification of the planet started.

Thousands of people used the energy of the Violet Flame and not only was their inner darkness transmuted but they were sending the energy to others and to the planet itself.

At the same time a wave of new transformational books was being published, enabling people to understand and change themselves. These were also empowering people to dissolve and heal their old attachments.

A few years later books on angels became more widely read, opening many to higher spiritual help and awareness. The angels asked me to tell people in my writing that they cannot help the planet or any of us unless we ask them to because they cannot contravene our free will.

However, if you ask angels to help you they will as long as it is for your highest good. And if you request them to help someone else, your energy makes a link to that person along which they can work. It is then up to the person in need if they accept it.

If you ask angels to purify a specific place, they will pour their light into that area. The more often you do this, the more angels surround you waiting to work with you.

As this 25 year period started more spiritual people called on the assistance of the archangels for the purification of the world. Their angels flocked to all parts of the planet in response to these prayers. Many invoked Archangel Zadkiel to transmute stuck energy, and he and his angels used this opportunity to change the old. Groups of like-minded spiritual individuals started to gather to send out the light.

Our attention is being drawn in a variety of ways to land that needs to be purified. Here is an example of what happened in my garden:

Chafer beetles attacked the entire area in which I lived. Eventually I dug up a huge area and planted vegetables, which brought me a wonderful connection with the earth and the elementals, as well as a feeling of deep satisfaction.

I allowed the grass to grow long to make it less attractive to the beetles and walked on it in bare feet as often as possible. I realized that the beetles were drawing attention to the fact that the ground needed to be purified, so I invoked Archangel Gabriel to help. After that, every time I took photos of the garden there were Orbs of his angels of purification pouring light into the ground.

We are already seeing the start of the climatic changes as Lady Gaia is giving us warnings and wake-up calls. Each natural disaster reminds us to purify ourselves and the land on which we walk.

Here is a very simple exercise you can do daily, which will enable you to leave golden footsteps on the Earth wherever you go.


Exercise : Golden Footsteps

1. Invoke Archangel Gabriel and sense a pure white light pouring through you and into the Earth.

2. Invoke the Christ Light and sense a golden white light shimmering through you and into the Earth.

3. Ask that this energy stays with you all day and goes deeply into the soil wherever you walk.

4. As you go about your daily tasks, whether you are in a skyscraper or on the ground, your light can reach down into the ground and help to purify the world.


So what will really happen in 2012 ?

We are told that, assuming we are ready, there will be a gradual but accelerated awakening as people raise their frequency. This does depend on people everywhere, which is why it is so important for lightworkers to focus on the good and hold a vision of the return of Golden Atlantis. Many of the prophecies have been challenging and we must rise above these and focus on the wonderful possibilities.

I think of 2012 as the quickening. It is the moment you feel the baby kicking in your womb and you know the transformation is for real. But you still have time for preparation before the new life emerges.

The outcome depends on how many people prepare themselves by raising their vibrations for this momentous period and how they accept the energy of the cosmic moments. Based on the consciousness in 2009, the following is the probable outcome that we will experience.

The vast masses in the third dimension, who are materialistic and spiritually closed, are holding everything back. Those souls who are not prepared will choose at the end of their current incarnation to continue their journey on another third-dimensional planet. They will depart with gratitude for the opportunity of being here.

However, right now huge numbers are being much influenced by the climate of change taking place worldwide. So, depending on the level of overall consciousness, many who currently believe only in a physical world, will awaken and open up psychically. Some will start to see or hear spirits, fairies or even angels and the Illumined Masters. Because their chakras will not be accustomed to the higher energy, it may confuse and terrify them. This will be especially so if their belief system or religious background has told them that there is no such dimension.

Because of this the incidence of what we call mental illness could well increase. Many such people may become ungrounded and will need assistance. We have already seen instances of those who cannot cope with the faster vibrations of light coming in. They are acting out their lower fantasies, which are exaggerated by the Internet. If you want to help these people you can assist greatly by blessing the worldwide web and sending light to it.


Highest possibility

The highest possibility is that a great many of those in the third dimension will open their heart chakras and be shifted by the light into the fourth dimension. When your heart is open you cannot hurt another, so this would result in peace movements spontaneously arising all over the planet. For these people, awakening to the spiritual worlds will be a wonderful expansion of their consciousness. With their hearts open they will automatically love and respect other cultures and animals, so that better conditions for children, animals and refugees will naturally occur worldwide. They will also move into an understanding of past lives, so beginning to remember who they truly are and appreciate their expanded soul journey. As they recognize their magnificence and worth they will begin to honour themselves and each other – and people with self-worth treat themselves and all beings with respect. There will be a feeling of Oneness with animals, plants and fellow humans.

People will begin to feel their brotherhood/sisterhood and start to work for the common good.

A huge number will move onto their path to enlightenment and ascension.

The greatest hope is that many of those currently in the fourth dimension will move into the fifth, where they will start to work for world peace, fairness and all sorts of humanitarian projects. Knowing it is time to alleviate world poverty, they will affect a huge change on the planet. We need to have a volume of people in the fifth dimension by 2012.

The vast majority of those who are in the fifth dimension before 2012 will ascend, in other words carry the light of their I AM Presence, in their auras. They will remain at this higher frequency in their physical bodies, so that they can hold the light for everyone.

Some will decide to pass over and assist from the other side. But will they disappear in a flash of light? I do not think so.

My guide Kumeka says that the energies of dark and light are balanced and we must all focus on the positive to energize it and tip the balance to the side of light. We must take advantage of all the special alignments and energies being sent to us at this time to ensure we raise our frequency. Then there are awesome possibilities of wonderful things happening, including mass ascension, miraculous healings and great happiness for all.


Obama’s influence on ascension

In October 2008 Kumeka, my guide, said that, based on the consciousness then, 11% of the population would become enlightened and could ascend at the cosmic moment in 2012, most of them choosing to remain in a physical body carrying a higher level of light. After the wave of excitement at the U.S. elections in November 2008 the number increased to 14%. At Obama’s inauguration the hope and anticipation was so strong that the forecast became 18%. It is anticipated that the number of people ascending will accelerate after 2012.

We can increase the 18% to a higher figure if we can help more people to open their 12 chakras and bring the light of Source through us into the Earth. We can also increase it if we bring hope and inspiration to our communities or to the world.

At the cosmic moments the Earth will be flooded by high frequency divine feminine energy from the moon. Those who can open up their right brain at this time and accept this energy will bring back the energy of Golden Atlantis. Because the moon vibrates at the frequency of the number 9, that of endings, it will tip the planet into ascension. Those who are psychic but not spiritually evolved may have a problem because they will open up more but not know what to do with the energy.

The full moon is on 28th November and 28th December 2012, round the cosmic moment on 21st December. This will result in exceptionally high tides, almost certainly triggering flooding in low-lying areas.

Exercise : Moonlight Energy

During the times of the full moon, even if you cannot see it because of clouds, walk outside in its light. Allow yourself to get accustomed to its energy, so that you can accept more of the divine feminine and are prepared for 2012.


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