Exclusive Interview with Ascension Ambassador Astarius Miraculii

Ascension AmbassadorAstarius Miraculii  explores some seminal topics  with Anara Durand on the verge of an important Retreat this Summer: 

Q: When did you realize you were an ambassador for ascension and how did you arrive there on the path?

A:  Being an Ascension Ambassador means that I Champion the cause of the Ascension and the Eternal Remembrance of Infinite Intelligence in myself and all others.  I have always been an Ascension Ambassador and my conscious awareness of it came at the beginning of my Spiritual Journey in this life.  This was the year 1973 just before my 22nd birthday.

Q: What do you consider the most important advice for humanity right now?

A:  Humanity would be wise to realize that every being in all existence is our own self by extension and that our greatest power, wisdom and love lies in The Oneness Of The wholeness.  With this awareness we would only express kindness and compassion unto all.

Q:  How can Astrology assist us to fulfil our potential?

A:  Astrology reveals the cause and effect of our lives.  It reveals many of the experiences that we have chosen even before coming into this life.

It also reveals many things that we would be wise to develop as well as things to transcend.  Astrology shows probabilities of character and

Probabilities of circumstance.  Yet every probability is a candidate for cancellation before occurrence or interception before duration.

The Grace and Mercy of God is a Law above and beyond cause and effect.

Q:  What is the role of man and woman right now?

A:   Man and woman come together to reveal one another to each other.  Every man contains the essence of woman and every woman contains the essence of man.

The opposite gender within is invisible to physical sight and is therefore the access code to Spirit, the Great Mysteries and all things invisible.

The Opposite Gender Self is our Access Code to Heaven!

Q:  How can we become better parents, caretakers right now?

A:   We become better parents by recognizing that our children have as much to teach us as we have to teach them and they sometimes even teach us more.

We see our children as our offspring and relative to the propagation of the species that is true.  However relative to the evolvement of any individual human life

we are a child first and the adult that we become is the offspring of the child that we originally were.  Adults are the offspring of the child, let us ponder this a while.

“It takes a Village to raise a child.  However it takes a Child to raise a village”!  We become better Parents by Honoring “The Little Elder”!

This is why Scripture says “Unless  you become as a Little Child you can’t enter The Kingdom Of Heaven”!

Q:   What is your vision of the world’s evolution, what does it look like in the future?

A:   The perfection and beauty of the worlds  evolution is already a reality in the inner realm of Creation.  It is wise to not judge things by outer appearances otherwise

We feed the problem rather than support the solution.  Positive Thoughts and Feelings Awaken the Dream – and Blessings Thrive before they are seen.

There is no imperfection in the evolution of the world.  There is only imperfect seeing of what really is.

Q:   Do you believe in the Messiah or a reincarnation of Yeshua to come?

A:   The second coming of Christ-Yeshua represents the birth of the Messiah within us All.  This is something to simply be Allowed like the sigh that allows relief.

ME-SIGH-AHaaa  (I Allow My Messiah)  Je-He’s-Us.  Let There Be The Messiah in Me/You!

“The Expansion of the Universe is at the mercy of Our Collective Expansion.

Astarius Miraculii



Ascension and the Power of Femifestation

Summer Solstice Retreat

La Palmilla Retreat* Seville* Andalucía* Spain

June 18th – 25th 2014


In this retreat and ceremonial seminar Astarius Miraculii will share the wisdom of Femifestation the womb of Universal Creation as the Primordial Cause of manifestation.  He will also share Ascension Wisdom, didgeridoo sound healing, vocal harmonics to recalibrate the Ascension Resonance in the cellular matrix.  There will also be a channelling of the “cosmic moment” when the Universe was created for the purpose of giving greater power to our personal Intentions.  We will feel in our cellular core all the Love, Wisdom, Power and Bliss felt by GodGoddessAbsolute during The Creation. All will receive didgeridoo and vocal harmonic transmissions.

Astarius will also be teaching the art of Vocal Harmonics (creating high and low tones with one voice) and

He will also give everyone a Reiki Attunement/Initiation

to awaken the Healer within


The expansion of the Universe is at the mercy of All showing up and rising in the Frequency of The Ascension.  Dance The Dream Awake!



Astarius Miraculii is a dedicated spiritual teacher who has been serving and empowering the community for more than 40 years. He is a sound healer, astrologer, author, poet, reiki master teacher and ascension ambassador. His approach to sound healing is with the Didgeridoo and Vocal Harmonics.   He has two books:  “Miraculii Song of Ascension” and “Feast of the Zodiac”.  He has also recorded 15 transformational CDs including the legendary “Spirit Rap”. Astarius has been featured on radio, television and has done presentations and performances for schools, churches, correctional institutions and drug programs. His videos have been viewed on YouTube more than a half million times. He is the former head of the Transformational Reiki department at The South West Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe Arizona. Astarius’ passion is to bring out the best in human nature and he has given motivational talks, astrology readings and sound healings for thousands of people. His highest dedication is to the Intention of Ascension

http://www.astarius.com  ~   http://www.youtube.com/AstariusMiraculii                                                                             One to one sessions are available with Astarius, please contact us to book an appointment in advance


$1.333 main house and guest house or $995 eco camping                  

€970 main house and guest house or €725 eco camping                     

£795 main house and guest house or £595 eco camping  


All inclusive of airport transfers, all organic vegan and vegetarian meals, accommodation, excursions to special sites of interest, pamper package with: massage, reiki and dance alchemy. (Except for flights and travel insurance)


You will be residing in a luxury walled villa, with orange and olive groves, date palms, swimming pool, horse paddocks organic food garden. Set in acres of idyllic walks, located in Bollullos de la Mitación in the province of Seville, Andalucía

To book and for more information contact Anara: anara.lapalmilla@gmail.com  Tel: 0034 955 94 05 84   www.lapalmillaretreatseville.webs.com


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