New Reader Wins Bliss at Findhorn!

The Angel of Findhorn brings us a winner


There are many wonderful stories of how the Angel of Findhorn has called people to this community. In the case of Wendy Mean it was through the form of Kindred Spirit magazine, a publication she had never read before. Drawn to the word Findhorn on the cover of the Spring 2012 edition, inside Wendy found an article about the Findhorn Foundation, along with the chance to win an Experience Week as part of the 50th birthday celebrations. Having heard many positive stories of Findhorn mixed with a few strange rumours, her curiosity was piqued and she felt this could be a wonderful place to visit. I spoke with Wendy on the final day of her visit here and had the pleasure of hearing more about her wonderful journey.


After reading about the Experience Week competition, Wendy sent a message out to the universe, “If you want me to develop spiritually, let me win this competition – show me you want me to do this”. The next thing she knew, an email arrived announcing her as the winner of an Experience Week. Her reaction was part disbelief but mostly elation. She felt especially excited, firstly because she was going to experience Findhorn and secondly, it seemed that the universe was indeed supportive of her desire to develop spiritually.


Soon however, Wendy`s life circumstances started to make it look like coming here might be impossible. At the same time, the calling became stronger and stronger and Findhorn was popping into her head multiple times a day. So she asked her guidance cards, “If you want me to book today then show me a card that represents Findhorn.” She closed her eyes and picked a card at random. She looked down and saw the card she had picked was Community! Her place was booked that day and it later transpired that the £100 towards travel costs that came as part of the prize happened to be just the right amount of money Wendy needed to get here!


The excitement from Wendy about her connection with the universe and the synchronicity at play was contagious. In particular I admired Wendy`s focused attention on what she wanted to bring into her life. It became very clear to Wendy that her attitude to experiencing change and staying open had allowed her to have deep and wonderful experiences during the week. Her advice to those thinking of visiting Findhorn, “Set an intention before coming to fully experience everything and be willing to try anything.”


Wendy`s sense is that Findhorn is all about being willing to give up expectations in order to experience the beauty in things around you and notice the small details that make life special. “I love the fact that everyone here has a role to play, no one is left out in the community, everyone has time to listen.”


Wendy spoke of shifts in her service department as having been a really valuable part of the experience, more so than she thought it would be. I really enjoyed being part of creating something for the whole community through my shifts in the kitchen.” She really valued attunements and liked taking moments of stillness before each activity.


I found Wendy`s story a confirmation of the far reach of the Angel of Findhorn. As Wendy herself said, it really feels that the universe guided her throughout the week and her experience couldn’t have been more perfect. For me it was a delightful reminder of how all is given to us as we need it. Wendy is really excited to take what she has learned and put it into everyday life at home. She arrived at Findhorn with a small spark in herself that knew there was more to life and now she feels like the spark is huge and is so excited to bring spiritual awareness to her life going forward.


“The week has been such an amazing gift in the right place at the right time with the right people.” Wendy is clear she will be coming back and recommends anyone who wants to develop their spirituality or get to know themselves better to take part in an Experience Week. She will absolutely be continuing to follow guidance from the universe. “It has been a gift, not just the gift of the week but a life changing gift.”


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