Sept / Oct 2010

PAST LIFE REGRESSION: Looking at the benefits of regression therapy with some examples from readers’ own experiences.
Reincarnation in the West: Jim Duhoit looks at how this has been approached here as opposed to the more usual eastern concepts.
CROP CIRCLES: The latest on this popular phenomenon along with some stunning pics!
Spiritual Hotspot: TOTNES – we visit this hub of Mind, Body, Spirit activity and find out the best of what’s on offer.

AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF BODY-MIND ANALYSIS: Charlotte Francis takes part in their studies and reveals some fascinating insights into psychosomatic therapy.
Treatment review: HOLISTIC FACIALS: Sjal crystal facial, Jo Barnard’s Reiki facial and Lava shells facial.
DEMENTIA: THE SPIRITUAL ANGLE: Is dementia an indication that we’re collectively ascending to a higher plane?
A COLOUR HEALING MEDITATION. Lynne Lauren shows us how to tune into the energy of our chakras through colour.
The TRANSITION NETWORK: Steph Bradley is spending 6 months walking around England to promote sustainable living.
Interview: STEPHEN FULDER, peace activist in Israel, speaks about his work.
Interview: THE YOGI ASHWINI: Yogi Ashwini is an Indian guru who teaches the Yog in a traditional way.
Words of Wisdom: JANEY LEE GRACE, an holistic life coach, broadcaster and author on green and natural living.
PLUS Biodynamic Wines: Why these are increasingly popular.Travel: Wild foods sea kayak with Wildwise. Retreat: Salem, Massachusetts. Naturally Good; Regular column by nutritionist Sarah Flower: This issue, Organic Labelling and how essential it is as a consumer guide.

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